BitYard x AMA Recap (2021/12/15)

Today we are glad to tell you about the AMA session with our friends from the team. The AMA took place on December 15, 2021, our guest was the Travala CMO – Ben Rogers

The total reward pool was 400 AVA and was divided into 4 parts. In this AMA Recap, we will try to summarize some of the most interesting points for you.


Anna – BitYard: Hello everyone 👋, we’re excited to announce our upcoming LIVE AMA with Ben Rogers – CMO at😍😍😍

We’ll start this AMA with an introduction to, then we’ve chosen 5 questions from the community for Ben to help us answer, followed by an open chat, and finally our Q&A time!

Ben Rogers – Travala CMO: Hey, I am Ben and I am the CMO at We are a platform that allows for bookings of 3M+ travel products with over 50 major cryptocurrencies including our own AVA. AVA is the force behind our rewards program and you unlock discounts by moving up the tiers in our smart program. We also have a luxury Travel service called which organizes travel for crypto whales seeking exclusive experiences like private islands and jets.

Anna – BitYard: Thank you for the introduction. For anyone who wants to know more about and AVA Token, please visit: and 

PART 2: Community Questions

Anna – BitYard: Q1.Can you explain in detail the Smart Program? Why should I join it and what are its benefits?

Ben Rogers – Travala CMO: AVA can be staked to access our Smart Program which receives discounted travel on our online booking portal as well as voting rights in the governance pool.

Currently, if you stake 250 AVA, you get access to our first-tier which will give you a 1% discount on your accommodation with a 2% giveback, whereas the tiers go to 2500 AVA which results in a 5% discount and 5% giveback.

By staking the token and being a smart member, access is granted to the governance pool, and when votes are made towards community grants, rewards have been issued to the smart members.

Finally, our sister company, Dtravel, has put aside a 10mm token allocation to smart members that will result in airdrops to the community members.

These can be purchased on the open market and staked on our platform to become a member.

Anna – BitYard: Thanks for the answer. And next, currently, a lot of people are looking at NFTs, metaverse, and games. Can you tell me what advantages will you have in this field in the future?

Ben Rogers – Travala CMO:  It’s no secret that has NFTs soon incoming. We have also publicly announced that we will be making entrances into the metaverse.  There’s a lot that can be done with both of these initiatives as it relates to travel and I guess you’ll have to tune into our social feeds and wait for the announcements to come.

Anna – BitYard: Thanks for sharing about this 😊 Q3.Is it easy to use to book tickets/hotels?

Ben Rogers – Travala CMO: The booking engine is very easy to use and after you have selected a hotel or flight much like other Online Travel Agencies, you will be presented with the checkout screen that allows you to pay in fiat or crypto.

The crypto payments will lock in a value converted to the USD for 30 mins, allowing a payment to be made directly with a QR code!

Anna – BitYard: Q4: What percentage of people booking use crypto vs traditional payment?

Ben Rogers – Travala CMO: Throughout the last year, we have been averaging above 70% of our revenue in crypto with the last two months being 79% and 82% respectively. This would be with the help of which allows affluent clients to access an agent. These agents help with the bookings of private jets, yacht rentals, holidays homes, and anything else that can be packaged into a vacation or trip.

Anna – BitYard: That’s awesome. And the final question: what’s your roadmap for 2022?

Ben Rogers – Travala CMO: We’re currently focused on building on the growth that we currently have with increases in user acquisition and profitability.

There are a number of things that are going to make us more attractive that including direct contracting and building into marketplaces from the booking engine.

PART 3: Open chat

Each member can post up to 3 questions in the group. If your question is selected, you will receive 20AVA as a reward!

Q1 is from @v_i799: Could you share with us some biggest achievements so far and some superior features that you guys are building right now?

Ben Rogers – Travala CMO: Direct contracting! We are working to bring Hotels directly onto the platform for self-booking and not just via our relationship with expedia

Q2 is from @landcruiz: Do you agree that there has a link between marketing with a good product? Which is more important between the two? marketing or a good product?

Ben Rogers – Travala CMO: Both are connected. Product development and marketing really crosses over these days

Q3 is from @chiennguyenns: How many countries do you serve as Travala in total?

Ben Rogers – Travala CMO: We have products on the site that can be purchased in 197 different countries

Q4 is from @chiongnauu: I live in Turkey, can I rent a hotel or anything else in Turkey via travala?

Ben Rogers – Travala CMO: You sure can and Turkey is a growing market for us due to the high level of crypto adoption

PART 4: Quiz

There will be 5 quizzes about and AVA Token. The first 2 members who select the correct answer of each quiz will win 20 AVA!

Q1: Which of the following services does provide?
A. Travel Bookings
B. Referral Program
C. AVA Token
D. Above All

Q2: Which of the following is the advantage of booking through
A. Best Price Guarantee
B. Accept Crypto Payment
C. Giveback Rewards
D. Above All

Q3: Where can you buy AVA Token:
A. BitYard
B. Binance
C. Kucoin
D. Above All

Q4: The advantages of holding AVA Token are:
A. Travel Bookings
B. NFT Program
C. Voting Rights
D. Above All

Q5: What are the rewards for buying AVA on BitYard in December:
A. Mystery Box
B. Travel Credits Lottery
C. Free Trail Funds
D. Above All

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