Will the First Truly Decentralized Web3 Infrastructure Project Change the Internet as We Know?

When we get up, we are used to opening our mobile phones to send and receive emails, and opening social apps such as Facebook and Instagram to check the latest news of our friends. These are the mornings that most people are accustomed to. What we use in our lives are the services of those few technology giants. As you know the internet is currently in the hands of a few BigTechs, which could easily determine the rise or fall of the businesses built on their platforms through sanctions and censorship.

The Flux co-founders had the vision to change it. That’s why the Flux project was born. Right around that time, the team agreed that they wanted to work on a decentralized computing network – that’s called Web3 today. BitYard is pleased to hold an AMA with Alžběta Kolibačová, the CMO of the Flux project.

Decentralized Web3 Infrastructure

Flux lists its $FLUX token on BitYard.

Flux is the first truly decentralized Web3 infrastructure, with no single point of failure and 100% uptime. ”I believe that there are no other projects quite like Flux, decentralized by birth, GPU mined with real decentralized Web3 cloud infrastructure. NVIDIA thinks the same, we’ve been accepted to their inception program as the only Web3 project. ”said Alžběta.

There are a lot of unique things on Flux that made them be a solid interoperable network. For instance, it has 2 layers. Layer 1 – Flux blockchain with POW consensus and Layer 2 – decentralized cloud infrastructure – nodes run by users all over the world. Flux is fairly GPU mined since day one, with no ICO/IEO/Pre-sale, 94.7% is owned by users. There will only ever be 440M FLUX, from which 220M are 10 Flux’s parallel assets.

Regarding their plan, Flux is working on advanced Geolocation 2 and Jetpack 2.0 simplifies the launching process and monitoring DApps. They’ll soon have another dual snapshot with an airdrop for the Flux holders. But the most exciting goal shortly is implementing Proof of Useful work that has the potential to solve the current sustainability issues that are often subject to negative attention from blockchain critics.

Flux actively seeks ways to build a more sustainable and environmentally friendly blockchain and cloud computing. PoUW (Proof of Useful work) ensures that the computational power is used for solving real-world problems while securing the blockchain simultaneously. The net effect is less power used and less carbon emission, It is much more environmentally friendly. They’re building this for all POW blockchains not only for Flux.

Flux’s competitors are centralized cloud computing, they don’t see other blockchain projects as competitors. But in comparison with the so-called Web3, they are the first and the most decentralized Web3 in space. They’ve been developing this project for almost 5 years and keep on building the innovative tech that the world needs.

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