Automatic Documentary and Belted Order Mechanism by BitYard

Automatic Documentary and Belted Order Mechanism by bityard

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The advantages of Bityard’s automatic documentary system

  • Documentary customers are not afraid of missing the settlement signal

    Follow the signal source to open an order, but do not see the closed order immediately, and the situation that leads to loss will no longer occur. One-click synchronization with the single signal.

  • Copy customers Transparent transaction history information

    All the transaction history and settlement of the single-handling personnel will be completely transparent on the platform, allowing the copying customers to freely choose acceptable risks and profits.

  • Copy customers can allocate single funds at the same time to follow different trading signals

    Each leader has his trading method and profit rate. Through transparent transactions through big data, he can make multiple sets of funds to copy orders by himself to allocate profits and risks.

  • With a single leader, there is no need to send group messages all the time

    All signals will be automatically copied to the documentary customer without manual notification. Avoid the situation in the past that you couldn’t order immediately, and you were complained of hurting each other with customers.

  • Lead with a single, easy to obtain a large number of high-asset international unfamiliar documentary customers

    If you pass the qualification, your account will enter the leaderboard, so that customers around the world can follow your trading signals and get better profits from the world market.

  • With a single leader, the available funds will be more abundant

    Refer to the trial case below

    If you want more profit, you don’t need to invest more funds to operate transactions. You only need to focus on researching better strategies, and you can earn more profits through the copying mechanism.

Trial case

You have more than 20% profitability, but no capital operation

If you have a 20% rate of return and you want to get 10,000USDT of income, you must be prepared when trading

10000USDT X 5 = 50000USDT as your working capital, which is a very large capital.

In Bityard, you don’t need to prepare so much! Because you have 8% copy profit

As long as 160 people will not trade, trust your trading ability and copy 4000USDT

160 X 4000USDT X 20% X 8% = you will get 10240USDT copying reward

While you are trading your account, you also help the copier to gain profits. This is a real win-win.

In Bityard, you have a strange copy market all over the world

Bityard has an open copying environment facing the world, you do not need to develop copying customers by yourself

According to statistics, the total amount of virtual currency transactions in the world is as high as USD 254,657,243,628 every 24 hours.

And Bityard will broadcast your copy information to the world

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