Best Altcoins: Paxos Expands on Solana, Cardano TVL Hits $400M; BlockDAG Crypto Innovates Crypto Mining With X Series Miners

The New York Department of Financial Services has given the go-ahead signal to Paxos (PXOS) – one of the prominent stablecoin issuers, to expand on the Solana (SOL) blockchain. Meanwhile, Cardano (ADA) has reached its Total Value Locked to $400 million in the final quarter of 2023. ADA’s price movements also signal a positive bullish momentum.

Apart from the SOL & ADA, this article also explores the opportunities presented by BlockDAG (BDAG). BDAG has successfully gained $1 million in 24 hours during its first presale batch and is focusing on raising $600 million in 2024. BDAG is now introducing its innovative crypto miners, including mobile mining applications.

Crypto Innovates

Cardano’s TVL Surges To $400M in Q4

Cardano shows bullish signs with positive price movements and TVL trends. Since the beginning of December, Cardano’s price has been on an uptrend, as per its moving averages and RSI. The short-moving average remained above the long-moving average, which is a positive indicator of a price trend. The price remained above these lines, reinforcing the positive momentum.

Cardano's TVL Surges

In addition to the price trend, Cardano has also shown a positive metric in its Total Value Locked. Since its upswing in October, the TVL has remained around $400 million despite some fluctuations.

Paxos Expands onto Solana Blockchain: A Boost for Best Altcoins?

The New York Department of Financial Services recently granted permission to Paxos, one of the prominent stablecoin issuers, to sell its products on the Solana Blockchain. Previously, PXOS could only issue its Pax Dollars or USDP stablecoin on the Ethereum blockchain.

However, with the new approval to sell on the Solana blockchain, Paxos can now expand its offerings to more and a new set of users. Paxos is set to launch on Solana on 17th January 2024. This will be a big mark for Paxos. This move is expected to benefit both Paxos and Solana, providing more options for traders and investors who want to use stablecoins on the SOL network.

BlockDAG Coin Revolutionizes

BlockDAG Coin Revolutionizes Crypto Mining: A Rival to Best Altcoins?

BlockDAG has diverse features and a complete ecosystem designed for contemporary cryptocurrency users. Focused on fast-paced innovation, BlockDAG is on course to unveil its mainnet in just six months, setting new precedents for rapidity and adaptability in the sector.

The platform is centred on accessible mobile mining options, emphasising energy-efficient practices and rewarding user engagement. Additionally, BlockDAG utilises a sophisticated consensus protocol to ensure speedy and secure transaction verifications. BDAG has introduced innovative crypto miners and amassed $1 million in just 24 hours. That’s not all; BDAG is now focusing on raising $600 million in 2024.


BDAG has four types of miners – BlockDAG X1, X10, X30 & X100. The BlockDAG X1 is mobile mining, generating up to 125 BDAG coins daily. The X1 mobile app is available on both Android and iOS devices. The X10 is focused on efficiency, with a hash rate of 100 MH/s and daily earnings of 1,250 BDAG. The X30 triples power and generates 7,500 BDAGs per day, with a hash rate of 280 GH/s. The top option is the X100, which has a hash rate of 2 TH/s and promises daily earnings of 25,000 BDAG.

Cardano's TVL Surges

Who Will Lead The Best Altcoins?

The crypto market is positively looking at the gains of Solana and Cardano. But BlockDAG is something that shouldn’t be missed. To stay ahead of the curve, choosing innovations is always ideal.

For crypto enthusiasts seeking the next best altcoin, the BlockDAG presale beckons. Seize the moment, and position yourself for success with BlockDAG. Hurry up before the time’s too late.

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