How Asseta is Revolutionizing Banking with Borderless Crypto Bank Built on Blockchain

Banks, financial institutions, these were the only and well-known ways to carrying out financial transactions, well until the blockchain technology was introduced. The technology has over time taken up some unique innovations that have been able to include real-world applications, and now a new company is trying to take the entire banking system to the digital world. That company is known as Asseta.

Taking Banking to the Future with Asseta

Asseta is the banking service of the future. Designed with your needs at the back of their minds, and operating with the blockchain technology, Asseta is a platform that is extremely secure and reliable, and easy to use.

Now, how does Asseta plan to pivot the banking system to the future? By offering traditional and future banking products in a space that operates on the blockchain technology. This will make it become a principal and decentralised medium where all the requirements to carry out modern banking operations are made available to users all over the globe.

Establishing a bank that is digital in nature, Asseta will drive all its attention towards providing easy to use, modern, borderless, and low cost financial services like investments, lending, payments, insurance, and cryptocurrencies that include the most popular ones in the market.

To achieve these set goals, Asseta will utilize banking licenses in some core provinces, and also participate in payment networks like European Union (SEPA), and so on.

The Asseta Platform

The Asseta platform is Ethereum-based, which means it is decentralised and operates on smart contracts. And, some of the advantages attached to this platform include the following:

  • Security
  • User-friendly interface and;
  • High liquidity

The Asseta ICO

The Asseta platform is Ethereum-based and operates out of Lithuania. Ether, alongside other fiat currencies, is the only accepted cryptocurrency on the platform, and it has a soft cap of 10,000 ETH and hard cap of 30,000 ETH.

The token of the Asseta platform is AST, and 1000 AST = 1 ETH. Tokens that are not sold during the ICO period will be automatically destroyed by the smart contract embedded in the Ethereum blockchain.


Change is inevitable, especially in the area of financial services. And as such, these services need to adapt to effectively meet the needs of the general public. For this reason Asseta has created a unique global, leading and strong bank that would be able to meet the ever changing needs in financial services.

Currently the banking sector is being controlled by traditional players, however, the future banking system does not only offer traditional banking services, but also includes transactions that involve cryptocurrencies. This system is totally integrated in the current FinTech market.

With the increasing popularity and growth of cryptocurrencies around the world, Asseta has been able to incorporate the usage of these currencies in real-life scenarios. The Asseta token, AST, allows users to be able to carry out all the financial transactions they wish all in a single place. This is the future of financial services.

See the Asseta ICO here: .Visit the Website :

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