Artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence Technology – A Breakthrough in Computer Science and Engineering

artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence has a number of definitions. Some people define artificial intelligence as the ability of machines to learn and make decisions. Whereas, others believe that it is a type of technology. Still others believe that artificial intelligence should be able to beat the best human players in any game, including chess, Go, poker, etc. However, these definitions are vague and difficult to define.

In this paper we will focus on the definition of artificial intelligence as it pertains to the field of robotics. Artificial intelligence is the ability of machines, including computers, to act like humans or other animals and demonstrate thought and emotion. The difference between the human-like and animal-like definition is frequently illustrated by the common acronym preferred. Humans can be considered as having a form of artificial intelligence in that they can think, reason and remember, while other animals are not as advanced. Therefore, we cannot consider a computer to have a form of artificial intelligence, but rather we can consider a robotic system to have some form of artificial intelligence.

We previously mentioned the idea of artificial intelligence being used in games such as chess and Go. However, the definition of artificial intelligence does extend beyond these traditional areas. Today, artificial intelligence systems can be used in the military, surveillance, industrial, transportation, healthcare, finance, e-commerce, manufacturing and so much more. Thus, there are a plethora of artificial intelligence applications in today’s society.

computer engineering

Programming AI

One of the most exciting areas of artificial intelligence research is the field of computer vision. Computer vision is the ability to process information from cameras, video monitors and microphones in such a way that it can understand and make intelligent decisions about the real world around it. In other words, computer vision is the ability to recognize and process images, text and speech in a manner that is robust and practical. While computer vision is a fairly new field, it is quickly gaining recognition. It will play an important role in everything from safety systems to automated vehicles to medical devices to automated stock trading.

Of course, one of the most popular use for artificial intelligence technology today is in the area of deep learning. Deep learning refers to the process by which an artificial intelligence system is trained to recognize patterns in large databases, such as the YouTube videos that you watch or the search results that Google returns. The beauty of this type of system is that it can learn how to recognize certain types of behavior from videos, without ever seeing or having firsthand knowledge, making it an extremely versatile piece of technology.

The field of machine learning has been widely used for years to help computers function better. Today, artificial intelligence technology is widely used in many facets of scientific research and experimentation. Machine learning is especially useful in applications where answering questions is difficult or where the answer must be immediate. This includes such areas as space flight, weather prediction, traffic congestion and even machine learning. As time goes on, this type of technology will only become more advanced, making it possible to make decisions based not only on cold hard facts, but actual historical data as well. We are only at the beginning of the exciting future that lies ahead.

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