An Ultimate Guide to LED Par Lights Selection

LED Par Lights
An LED par light is a type of stage light that uses a parabolic reflector to direct the light. It’s one of the most common stage lighting solutions because they are affordable and lightweight. LED par lights are utilized in churches, stages, theaters, auditoriums, studios, and stage performances. And today, we will introduce you to these lights’ primary functions and how to choose one.

The Primary Applications of A LED Par Light

1. LED Stage lighting

LED stage par lights offer the audience vision and where to focus their eyes. Designers try to make the light come out naturally for the specific area or the entire stage. A par light can alter the audience’s mood and augment the atmosphere set on stage for the performance.

2. LED Theater Lighting

LED par lights are often dimmable to allow for complete control of various scenes, and that is why they are quite effective in theaters. They can be used to change the scenes, gradually raise or lower the intensity as the curtains roll, develop tension at the start of the band or create a specific atmosphere. Most theaters in the world have LED par lights because they blend well with other lighting solutions for excellent outcomes.

3. Disco/Party Lighting

It’s hard to get a disco hall that does not have an RGB par light. Visit your favorite nightclub, and you will find these lights. They are considered the best DJ lighting solutions, normally activated by sound and other automated features, like DMX control.

4. Wedding Lighting

Are you planning an indoor wedding and need the best lights? Most people use smaller sealed LED par lights that are easy to fix. These lights are budget-friendly and readily available. Outdoor wedding events can use par lights with higher IP ratings.

5. Event Lighting

Consider LED par lights if you are organizing a temporary event and wondering which lights are right for you. They can guide quests to a night event or help them view what’s happening on stage. The lights are common in live performances and festivals where more lighting is necessary.
LED Par Lights

What to Consider When Choosing Led Par Lights Product

So, you have decided that an LED par light is the best solution for your upcoming event, right? Here are some of the main factors to consider:

1. Lumens

Shopping using lumens is more important than anything else because it determines how much light is produced. The more lumens you have, the brighter your light will be.

2. Wattage

Wattage measures energy consumption and does not always affect the amount of light produced. Consider buying energy-efficient lights that consume fewer watts for the same number of lumens. This will not only save you some energy costs, but it’s eco-friendly too.

3. Color Temperature

Consider the color appearance of the light from the source. It’s important to consider temperature (measured in Kelvin) when choosing stage lights because it creates the right mood and can influence the audience’s reaction.

4. Dimmable

You need a par light that gives you more control over various scenarios. Luckily, the technological advancement in this industry makes it easy to get energy-efficient par lights with dimming systems. Such lights are effective in track lighting where specific ambient and dimming are required.

5. Beam Spread

The most advanced LED par lights come with engineered surfaces that make it easy to control the light’s beam to specific angles in different classifications. You will find 15 degrees spread with an intense, focused beam on a very narrow spot, a 16-to-30-degree angle for a slightly less focused beam, 31 to 60-degree angles for medium beams, and a narrow flood of 61 to 90 degrees angles. Choose the beam spread for your specific needs.
LED Par Lights

PL1915 – Your Ultimate LED Par Lights

The PL1915 is a DMX par light from Light Sky that brings out the best features for various lighting needs. It’s a stable, energy-saving, environment-friendly, and long-life lamp designed with high-tech manufacturing and maximum functionality. Its features include:
  •  High brightness and colorful
  • It can be used for various applications and divided into cycles for more dynamic effects.
  • 3200K to 8500K color temperature range with an ultra-bright strobe for fast flashing.
  • Flexibility and ease to use with a one-button lighting system.
Besides these features, it’s one of the most affordable solutions. And its ultra-quiet split design should not deceive you; it’s a powerful performer.


Light Sky has been developing high-quality, technologically advanced, and effective stage lighting solutions since 1993. Such experience only means it’s a reliable and reputable company, and hence, the PL1915 and many other lights they have will not disappoint you. Visit their website to get more information.
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