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LED lights for Underwater Pool

LED pool lights are considered to be very safe as it has a wide range of lighting effects and a wide range of products as well. These lights help to brighten up the pool and diversify it with their lighting effects. WAKING is a pool light manufacturer in China with professional products and it provides any kind of pool light that is required. It provides a guarantee for its strength of lights due to the strong manufacturing carried out through research and development. These LED pool lights are high in quality and can be used underwater for 50000 hours. The quality of LED chips, the capacity of heat dissipation, and also waterproof lamps are the main factors that affect the service of the underwater lamps used for swimming. These high-quality LED chips take a long duration decay due to which the lifetime of the lamp is greater and lasts longer and the heat dissipation capacity of the lamp can adapt it to work in higher temperatures and withstand the long-term usage of these lamps. Then the waterproof advantage of the lamp is helpful because the lamp can be immersed in water for a longer period without any kind of water leakage and the short circuit problems which usually arise.


Most of the pool lights require an environment underwater as well and there are luminaries installed on the walls as well as at the bottom of the pool for making the light work in the underwater environment. As with continuous contact with water, it is important to look at the water level which needs at IP68 level for ensuring that the water won’t enter the light and destroy it. WAKING produces all the waterproof lights at the IP68 level while some manufacturers produce a level at IP67.


Pool lights are essential for enhancing and brightening the area of the pool and giving a bright effect to the pool. There are several ideas for pool lighting ideas which can be looked into to make it look attractive to visitors. Considering blue light which is one of the most luminous colors for pool lights it was a wavelength of 400-500nm and those lights which have shorter wavelengths can travel further inside the waters so this leads to the water looking clearer as well as illuminative. Also, the blue color is one of those colors which relaxes a person’s body and mind and makes him feel fresher so it is possible to enjoy a good time at the pool. 


Another pool lighting idea is to use color-changing lightening, in which LEDs as a source of light, and the color of the light can be changed, including the brightness, speed, and other parameters are in control. These color-changing lights help in making the pool look attractive, bright, and less boring so that people can enjoy it more. The usage of LED lightening also helps to save energy and money, and these lights are safe to use without any problems related to short circuits, and they diversify the pool lightening effects. Also, there could be floating lights that can be placed as a water pool light and the light of the aqua pool can differ when these floating lights are installed giving a dynamic and interesting effect to the structure of the pool. Along with that, these lights reflect the light on the surface of the water creating a glowing look at the surface water. This combination of water lights above and below will make the pool look stunning and attractive who come there. 


Then another idea is to plant some evergreen plants and then place lights into these plants this type of lighting is unique so it will create a good refreshing look due to nature and will bring life to the pool as well. While there should be some care taken by keeping a distance between the pool and the plants because if the leaves of the plant fall they will contaminate the water also small insects are attracted by the lights so this can cause disturbance in the pool and problems can arise. Hence, these pool lighting ideas can be used for enhancing the pool and making it look attractive. 

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