How LED Lights for Signage Applications Protect the Environment?

The Eco-Friendly Advantages of LED Signage Lighting

‘Eco-friendly’, ‘Environmentally friendly’, ‘Environmentally Conscious’ – These are not just terms. They have become guiding principles for millions of people across the world in carrying out their daily activities. People put the environment at the forefront of everything they do to make sure that their conduct does not harm the planet in any way. This approach is not limited to their personal lives. They also follow it in their business operations. 

The increasing awareness regarding the protection and preservation of the environment explains the rising popularity of LED lights for signage applications. LED lights have been in use for illuminating residential, commercial, and industrial spaces for years.

One of the reasons why people started using LED lights to illuminate their homes and workplaces is that these lights are environmentally-friendly. Interestingly, it’s also one of the reasons why sign board owners gravitate toward LED sign boards. 

Why is Signage Important for a Business Enterprise? 

Signage or sign board plays a crucial role in the marketing plans and strategies of a business firm. Even though business firms tend to focus hugely on online promotion these days, you cannot deny the fact that offline marketing is vital for maximizing revenue and profits. 

The passersby in the street where your business premises are located should be the first customers to target. In order to capture their attention, you need to install captivating sign boards outside your business establishment. These outdoor sign boards often become the first touchpoint for your targeted audience. You can interact further with prospective customers through indoor sign boards once they enter your outlet. 

Hence, signage can help you attract and retain customers. Signage can be classified into various types based on different parameters, such as type, purpose, lighting, and more. But we will focus on two types – illuminated and non-illuminated – the classification based on lighting in this blog post. 

Different Types of Illuminated Sign Boards

Illuminated signage has a ton of advantages over non-illuminated signage. Business owners and managers prefer lighted signs in most scenarios. Types of lighting sources used to illuminate sign boards are neon, fluorescent, and LED. 

LED light bulbs and tubes are a top choice for a large number of sign board owners considering the benefits of LED lighting technology. As we have mentioned earlier in this blog post, one of the major benefits linked to LED lights is the preservation of the environment. 

Entrepreneurs devoted to running an eco-friendly business enterprise make every possible effort to minimize their carbon footprint. Thus, they opt for LED sign boards since LED-based lighting fixtures help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. A lot of entrepreneurs are striving hard to reduce their carbon footprint. Switching to LED-based lighting products for illuminating the premises and signage is one of the easiest sustainable business practices. 

If you are planning to get a sign board to display various kinds of messages in order to grow your business enterprise, you must consider choosing LED lighting as a source of illumination. Several companies manufacture LED lights for signage. The sign board maker you approach will install the best LED lights within your sign cabinet. 

Many sign board makers specialize in designing and manufacturing LED signage. You should select the one that has earned a reputation in the industry. LED sign boards are beneficial not just in terms of environmental protection but also in other ways. They are energy-efficient, versatile, cost-effective, and low-maintenance. Therefore, it makes complete sense to get an LED sign board. 

How LED Sign Boards Save the Environment? 

Now it’s time to understand how exactly the LED sign boards help save the environment. Sign boards illuminated with LED light bulbs and tubes consume less electricity than the ones illuminated through other sources, such as neon lights and fluorescent lamps. 

The reason behind the same is that an LED light will consume less electricity compared to a fluorescent light while generating the same level of output (i.e., brightness). Let’s have a look at some figures. A fluorescent light can produce between 50 and 100 lumens per watt, whereas an LED light can produce around 130 lumens per watt. 

Before you get confused, let us tell you that the term ‘lumen’ refers to a unit of measurement for the total amount of visible light emitted by a source of lighting per unit of time. So, you can achieve the same level of brightness by using a low-wattage LED light instead of a high-wattage fluorescent light. 

In simple terms, LED lights are up to 80% more efficient than fluorescent lights. They convert roughly 95% of the energy consumed by them into light, thereby converting only 5% into heat. On the other hand, fluorescent lights convert a significant amount of their energy into heat. 

LED lights for signage are not better than just fluorescent lights for signage. They are also better than neon lights. A neon light is basically a sealed glass tube that contains neon gas. In some cases, the tube can contain another type of inert gas instead of neon. When the electric current passes through the sealed tube, the gas inside it starts to glow. Other gases are mixed with neon to produce light in different colors.

As LED lighting fixtures save power, they reduce the demand for power generation. Power generation leads to greenhouse gas emissions. The term ‘Greenhouse Gases’ is used to refer to gases that trap heat in the atmosphere of the earth. 

Some of the greenhouse gases are carbon dioxide, ozone, methane, and nitrous oxide. Many activities that human beings perform contribute to greenhouse gas emissions. Electricity production is one of them. A decrease in greenhouse gas emissions is necessary to combat climate change and air pollution. 

Along with reducing power consumption directly, LED light bulbs and tubes also help in reducing power consumption indirectly. Since they convert only a small amount of their energy into heat, there is no extra burden on the cooling system present within the premises.

Moreover, LED lights emit a negligible amount of UV rays. The lifespan of an LED light is 50,000 hours on average, whereas the lifespan of a fluorescent light is 35,000 hours on average. Using long-lasting lights results in less wastage. By switching to LED lighting technology, you can save valuable resources invested in manufacturing lighting products.

Disposal of LED lights is easy because they don’t contain toxic materials, such as mercury, unlike neon and fluorescent lights. LED lighting fixtures are shockproof and safe to use. While neon sign boards might have a retro appeal, they have various disadvantages linked to them. Similarly, fluorescent sign boards might have been in use for a long time, but they are less beneficial than LED sign boards. 

If you already have a sign board with neon or fluorescent lights, you don’t need to invest money in getting a new one. You can contribute your bit towards making the planet greener by retrofitting the neon or fluorescent lights with the LED lights in your sign cabinet. The sign board technician you approach will bring high-quality LED retrofit lights with them. 

It’s worth mentioning here that using LED lights for signage will help you save a considerable amount of money. As LED signage consumes less power, your electricity bill will be reduced. LED lights are low-maintenance, so you don’t have to worry about maintenance costs. 

You will save money not just in the short term but also in the long term. LED lights last many years, so you will not have to buy replacement lights frequently. LED lights don’t get damaged by frequent switching on and switching off.

LED sign boards offer great visibility to your business, as the bright light emitted by LED light fixtures can grab the attention of people even from a distance. Indoor and outdoor LED sign boards can be customized to a large extent. Thus, LED signage is excellent in terms of functionality, cost-effectiveness, and environmental protection. If you are an environmental enthusiast, you cannot overlook the importance of LED lights in creating eco-friendly signage solutions.  


LED light bulbs and tubes installed in sign cabinets must be top-notch and easy to install so that the sign board makers and owners experience convenience and peace of mind. Renowned manufacturers and wholesalers provide sign lights that are fast, safe, and easy to install. It’s in your best interest to see whether the LED lights your sign board maker has chosen come with a warranty or not. 


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