8 Best Smartwatches with inbuilt WIFI Feature

Oppo Watch

Smartwatches, after smartphones, are the latest advancement in communication technology. These wrist watches have many features that are normally found in a smartphone. After a computer in your pocket, these are computers on your wrists.

The introduction of wifi in smartwatches has led to an increase in its performing capabilities. Its primary usage of showing time has been overridden by this unique feature.

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Once you enable Wi-Fi connectivity in Android Wear, the watch can send and receive data even if your device’s out of range.

The watch just has to be somewhere with an accessible Wi-Fi network. Thus enabling the user to use all the features of the internet on the watch itself.

Another innovative characteristic of this feature is that you can view the contents and specifications of your watch on a bigger android screen.


  1. Select your price range. For e.g. smartwatches under $50 have very limited features compared to the high-budget smartwatches.
  2. Understand your need for the smartwatch. You can classify it based on if it is just for fitness or other services as well.
  3. Apart from the reviews on this article, try using a device that any of your friends or family has. This will help you narrow down your options even more based on the interface.


Now that the guide to choosing a smartwatch and the general idea about this device is explained, let us now dive into knowing the best smartwatches that are available for consumers to buy.

1# Samsung Galaxy Watch 3.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is an outstanding smartwatch. It is loaded with features that cover fitness and other standard apps that make it a very convenient smartwatch. As a sequel, it definitely is better than the first one of its lineage.

samsung glaxy watch 3

The software is seamless and has a minimal lag, and the commands are responsive as well. It also comes in an LTE variant which is a 4G standalone smartwatch with a SIM card slot. For the WiFi and LTE versions, the battery life is commendable.

This watch has a few drawbacks as well. The smartwatch does not support apps from external sources to perfection. As for the battery, even though its life is really good, it takes agonizingly long to charge. Some of the health features like the heart rate and oxygen saturation monitors are pretty incorrect on a few occasions.

Overall, it may not be up to the standards of an Apple Watch, but it still is pretty good.

2# Apple Watch Series 6.

The Apple Watch Series 6 is hands down the best smartwatch in the market currently. It has a flawless touch screen, all the applications that are supported by the mobile device are supported by the watch as well. In addition to this, it has a long battery life and charges quickly as well. The watch has the option to connect to an eSIM and it automatically connects to this when the watch and the phone are separated. The LTE and WiFi services have barely any flaws.

Apple watch 6

This seemingly perfect device has a few drawbacks as well. As compared to its predecessor, Apple Watch Series 5, this device does not have any major upgrades. Switching over to this makes sense only if you have an Apple Watch Series 3 or older. The range of connectivity is patchy at times. The device itself, and its service options are expensive. And just like any other Apple Device, cross-compatibility with an Android device shall always be a fantasy.

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3# Oppo Watch

Loaded with the Google Wear OS, the Oppo watch is another smartwatch to consider. Coming at an affordable price, this smartwatch is one of the better variants that use the Google Wear operating system to run. This device comes in the 46mm and 41mm variants, giving customers the option to choose a product that suits their price range. It charges really quickly, and if not severely overused, the smartwatch can last close to the entire duration of a working day. All its features including Bluetooth, and external app installation, are pretty close to perfection. The WiFi connectivity does not face any issues and it works perfectly.

Oppo Watch

Coming to the drawbacks, the Google Wear operating system is not being updated at the same pace as the Android OS. Apart from this, this device does not pair well with Apple devices. It faces a lot of lag. Even though customer support is pretty decent, the need to contact them with minor issues pretty frequently does not match its features.

Overall, it is the best budget smartwatch available for consumers.

4# Xiaomi Mi Watch Revolve

Another relatively inexpensive option available is the Xiaomi Mi Watch Revolve. The important feature being discussed, which is the WiFi connectivity is really good for its price. There are no connection drops. Xiaomi has one of the best fitness trackers and health applications available and this watch is loaded with them. The heart rate and calorie tracker are almost perfect. The AMOLED display is crystal clear.

Oppo Watch

The rest of the features like third-party application support, Bluetooth amongst others are not up to the same standards as its fitness applications. It is practically a fitness band with a few other features and longer battery life. For a complete experience, any of the other bands stated above like Samsung or oppo are advisable.

5# Fossil Gen 4

Fossil watches are known to be some of the most premium watches on the market. The smartwatch has a decent WiFi capability apart from good health and fitness features. The watches also have a very modern design and are very aesthetic to the owner and the onlooker as well. Most of the externally installed applications work fine as well.

Fossile Gen 4

However, we must discuss the flaws as well. The processor in the Fossil Smartwatch is not the best. This is visible as the device becomes a hassle to navigate through, especially with these third-party applications that are installed. Battery life is decent but not the best. It does not have the same standards that analog watches have.

6# Huawei Watch GT2e

This is one of the better mid-range watches available. It is heavily fitness-oriented, with an AMOLED touch display and sleek design. The apps and fitness calculators are pretty accurate.  Users have had no issues with the WiFi connectivity as well, so that is a major plus point. But what this smartwatch gains in the fitness aspect, it loses out in the other fields.

 Huawei watch

The applications are not well supported, and it struggles to perform to its full efficiency with Apple devices. It is a decent alternative to Garmin in the inexpensive smartwatch, but not the most ideal alternative.

7# TicWatch Pro 2020

TicWatch Pro 2020 is a decent cheap alternative to the other WiFi smartwatches. It’s software and decent and supports applications without a lot of glitches. The WiFi connectivity is pretty good as well.

The watch has an accurate fitness tracker and applications that are occasionally glitchy. The major drawback is that it is practically the same device as its previous models. There are hardly any new features, but the price has substantially increased. Is it worth the hike? Not so much.

8# Huami Amazfit GTS

The Huami Amazfit GTS is a relatively new brand in the market currently. It has a very user-friendly design, and the display responds to commands with the slightest of touches as well. It also has a really good battery life. But this is where the good stuff ends. All other features reek of mediocrity. The pedometer and calorie counter show gross errors.

They do not count steps on many occasions. The app is loaded with more glitches than features and becomes a hassle to use. The WiFi connectivity makes the watch slow down too, so the main feature that differentiates it is not very useful. Huami has other products that are way better than the Amazfit GTS, but it is one of the only ones with WiFi connectivity. Overall, this product is not worth the money.

Other brands such as Fitbit and Garmin are available too that make good WiFi smartwatches. These could be seen as alternatives, however, they are completely fitness-oriented and their customer service has not been established well in the country.


We hope that this article has been informative, and has helped you understand the pros and cons of owning a smartwatch while also helping you choose the perfect device that suits your needs. Now that you are aware of the best products out in the market when are you getting your hands on your smartwatch?

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