5 Ways To Relax After A Stressful Work Week

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Tech jobs can be extremely demanding when it comes to workload. We have all had moments where we feel exhausted, and all we need is a pause. Recent research has also validated that a competitive environment coupled with non-defined work hours can lead to high-stress levels and almost 50% of IT employees feel burnt out by the end of the week. 

To increase your motivation and destress, you need to figure out the perfect way to destress. Feeling overwhelmed and tired is normal, but when it starts affecting your daily life it becomes problematic. We are here to help you out with some of the ways that can help you relax after a stressful work week.


Personality quizzes, fun game quizzes, and mindless quizzes can often help us feel a little relieved. Some quiz results may boost your confidence, while some will give you some good laughs! 

You might have had a couple of quizzes in your school or even with friends.  

We overlook quizzes’ importance in our lives because we only consider their academic activities. This doesn’t seem right because many fun quizzes can help you learn more about yourself and can help you shift your focus from stressful work commitments to something fun. 

So if you don’t have anything else to do, try playing some fun quizzes on the internet to help you relax! 


Massage is a great stress-relieving activity. It relaxes your muscles and helps your blood flow better in the body, which may, in turn, reduce stress by a great amount. The relaxing feeling you get after that spa massage is an amazing way to destress! 

Taking some time off from work, especially in the form of a good massage, can activate your body’s parasympathetic nervous system (PSNS). Our bodies are naturally equipped with stress relieving systems; we need to activate them with a good time at the spa! 


Music has significant power to relieve stress and anxiety. You might have experienced that when you put on your favorite music, you tend to enjoy things more. You tend to look at the things around you differently. After a stressful week at work, you can dim the lights in your home, light your favorite scented candle and turn on your favorite music to feel better. 

These are not just words! Research has also proven that music can lower our heart rate and cortisol levels. It releases endorphins and improves our sense of well-being; it also tends to distract us, reducing physical and emotional stress.


While this is a very basic thing to do, turning off your phone can help you relax in ways you would not have even thought about! Tech jobs are very demanding, and if you are on your phone round the clock, you may also look at work updates on the weekend. Following up with work on your off days can increase stress levels! 

Turning off your phone will also give you time to focus on yourself and reflect on your achievements from the work week. These achievements may make you feel happy about yourself and also reduce stress! So put that phone down and focus on yourself at the end of a hectic work week! 


One of the biggest reasons for a stressful week at work could be little to no change in scenery. Nature plays a big role in helping you relax and helping your mind take a break from all that hard work you have put in at the office!  

Spending at least 20-30 minutes in nature after a hectic work week can lead to an immense drop in your cortisol levels! And what’s better than breathing in some fresh oxygen from nature? 

Suppose you are still stressed after trying the five relaxation ways mentioned above. In that case, you should reflect, see what excites you, and integrate that activity into your everyday life. That activity could be reading, baking, or playing football with friends; the possibilities are endless! 

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