Meet the Blockchain Gaming Company, Backed by Animoca Brands, That Is Finally Allowing Users To Discover the Best Games

Summary: Rainmaker Games is a blockchain gaming company backed by Animoca Brands.

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One of the greatest challenges facing the wider adoption of Web3 gaming has been reaching a substantial audience of players. With decentralized technology firmly in place and plenty of use cases proving the enormous potential of Web3 gaming, the biggest obstacle has been discoverability.

The reality is that there are plenty of Web3 games out there. However, they are strewn across disparate platforms, struggling to get discovered and bring in new gamers.

Rainmaker Games tackled this problem head-on, and built the first blockchain platform – unlocking access for gamers worldwide to connect, learn, discover, and play web3 games like never before. Backed by Coinfund and many other substantial investors, the buzz behind this all-in-one Web3 gaming platform and gamer-centric NFT marketplace is signaling a new trend in the GameFi industry. 

What sets Rainmaker Games apart from other gaming platforms is its role as a discovery platform for blockchain games. By providing a much-needed single source of gaming data the entire industry was missing, it’s never been easier for players to find the games they’re looking for and explore what else is out there. 

Let’s take a look at how Rainmaker Games is finally allowing users to discover the best games, including:

  • Facilitating the Shift from Web2.0 Gaming to Web3 Gaming with Rainmaker Games
  • Enjoy the Netflix of Blockchain Games with Rainmaker’s Discoverability Platform
  • How Rainmaker Games is Eliminating Financial Barriers to Entry

Facilitating the Shift from Web 2.0 Gaming to Web3 Gaming with Rainmaker Games.


Web3 is poised to take over the gaming space – it’s only a question of which platform will deliver all of the features of Web 2.0 gaming without the negative drawbacks. These drawbacks include:


Here’s just a sampling of the current negative aspects of Web2.0 gaming:

  • Business models built around advertising revenue
  • Financial barriers-to-entry
  • Big Tech’s proprietary monopoly on gaming platforms
  • Unauthorized sale of user data
  • Cybersecurity issues

And more


Like most disruptive technologies, Rainmaker Games is the de facto platform for the transition to eliminate these drawbacks to Web 2.0. Offering a free-to-play platform, a robust NFT marketplace for both games & investors, and decentralized tech of Web3/GameFi space, Rainmaker Games is freeing users to explore the wide world of Web3 gaming. Best of all, Rainmaker is easing the transition by acting as a gateway from Web 2.0 games to Web3 tech without restriction. 


Enjoy the Netflix of Blockchain Games with Rainmaker’s Discoverability Platform. 

To conceptualize just how Rainmaker Games is enabling users to find the best platform, think of Rainmaker Games as “The Netflix for blockchain games”. 

As a discovery platform geared toward gamers, Rainmaker offers an intuitive search engine for every game on its platform to help you find new games. For example, discoverability for emerging games is a cinch by searching by categories like top-rated, most popular, free-to-play, highest daily earnings for P2E games, blockchain protocol, and so forth. 

Rainmaker Games is also the place for an active community, integrating user-generated content and social media platforms like Twitch, Reddit, and Twitter.

Plus, Rainmaker was founded and designed by gamers, so they understand the unique needs of the gaming community that want an information database for blockchain games. Each game on Rainmaker’s platform is rated and reviewed by a team of 50 gamers and analysts, meaning users get the most objective overview of each game. Rainmaker’s team vets the games so you don’t have to!

And like Netflix, Rainmaker features a smooth, user-friendly interface. This attention to detail is sure to please even the fussiest of gamers that value an efficient platform with a logical, streamlined layout. 


How Rainmaker Games is Eliminating Financial Barriers to Entry?

Realistically speaking, high initial investment costs and substantial overheads continue to serve as a barrier to entry for those entering the Web3 gaming space. Players simply cannot play games they can’t afford or choose to ignore P2E (Play-to-Earn) games that come with high upfront costs.

Rainmaker Games levels the playing field by offering not just a free platform, but an active marketplace where players can come together and collaborate by building community. Whether these communities are fostered by like-minded players in guilds, DAOs (decentralized autonomous organizations), or other community-led efforts, Rainmaker’s inclusive platform encourages participation by eliminating financial barriers to entry and democratizes access to work opportunities. 


Discoverability in Web3 gaming represents the tipping point for gamers to find the best games out there. Whether gamers are looking for immerse Blockchain games, profitable P2E games, or even investment opportunities on Rainmaker’s NFT Marketplace, keep your eyes on Rainmaker Games as it becomes the de facto platform to find exciting new games.


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