Light One Arcades Combines Gaming and Blockchain Technology to Offer a Unique Experience

Light One NFT

Though video games and the gaming industry are mostly associated with Generation Z, the gaming industry experienced a major revolution in the 1980s. The release of gaming consoles such as the NES Family Computer, Sega Genesis, and Sega Master laid the groundwork for an entirely new generation.

In the mid-2000s, the world witnessed the first version of play-to-earn games. The Linden Dollar, Second Life’s virtual currency, was most likely the first significant in-game virtual currency that could be traded for real money. Similarly, World of Witchcraft had an active online marketplace for trading Murloc’s eggs on eBay.

Even at the height of the pandemic, when almost the entire world was shut down, only one industry saw exponential growth: gaming. The introduction of blockchain technology altered not only play-to-earn games, but also the entire gaming landscape.

In 2021, blockchain-based games accounted for more than $5 billion of the total NFT market cap. Furthermore, this figure is expected to rise by 1,300% by 2025, reaching $40 billion. 

Problems with Blockchain-based Games

Probably the biggest problem with the blockchain-based gaming industry today is the lack of diversity. Almost every game follows the same two or three basic models to design the entire gameplay around them. As a result, the space is crowded with several hundred blockchain-based games with different names and visuals but the same overused game mechanics. To ensure its longevity, the blockchain games industry has to introduce new games in several genres, such as Arcade, RPG, Simulation, etc. 

Moreover, the majority of the blockchain-based games are so focused on the play-to-earn model that they end up compromising on the actual gaming experience. Without engaging and immersive gameplay, players get bored quickly, and the game starts to feel dull. 

In fact, except for a handful of mentions, no blockchain game has been successful yet in terms of building a community around it. It is also worth considering here that there is currently no notable blockchain-based game that allows people to play with their friends.

Finally, almost every NFT-backed game requires players to invest several hours of gameplay every day to maintain their spot in weekly/monthly leagues or win significant rewards. As a result, these games are not suitable for people with busy routines who simply want to de-stress during breaks and clear their minds. 

Light One: The First Arcade Games Platform Built on Blockchain Technology

Innovation does not always mean creating something new and unique. Sometimes you just need to revisit and refine an already-existing concept using newer technology. That’s exactly what the brand new blockchain gaming platform, Light One, does.

Light One is a first-of-its-kind hybrid gaming console inspired by 80s arcade machines. It hosts a wide range of classic arcade offerings, modern steam games, and a number of blockchain games that will serve as a doorway to the Web3 world. Integrating NFT technology also lets you own the in-game items in the literal sense and trade them on different marketplaces. Moreover, you can stake the in-game currency to earn interest on your holdings.

The company has partnered with Tyler Bushnell (son of Nolan Bushnell) to use Polycade’s technology in their console machines. Polycade is one of the biggest arcade game providers in the world, with a catalog of several thousand offerings. 

With their help and collaboration, Light One aims to design a retro arcade machine for the future.

On top of all that, Light One is the world’s first B2B blockchain-based arcade system to offer people with busy schedules a gateway to the blockchain ecosystem and metaverses. Quick and simple to play games, ease in keeping progress, and the ability to connect with a private B2B community make this hybrid console the perfect pass time to enjoy during lunchtime. 

How to Get a Light One Machine

Unlike traditional gaming systems and consoles, you cannot simply place an order for the Light One. Only those with Light One membership will get the console. To become a member, you need to purchase and stake a special Light One NFT, i.e., Founders Edition NFT. The company has launched only 999 of these NFTs. 

Thanks to the NFT technology, no one can replicate, replace, or destroy these membership tokens. As a result, the number will remain the same without ever increasing, making each NFT in the collection super valuable.

To receive a Light One machine, all you need to do is stake your Founders Edition NFT and fill in a shipping address. Apart from that, all owners of these NFTs will be invited to the official Light One discord server after the public sale, where they can receive progress updates, newsletters, future airdrops, and much more. 

Light One Games

Light One offers a diverse catalog of a wide range of arcade games. Their partnership with Polycade will allow players to access and enjoy up to 122 different games. It includes a good mix of both classic and modern arcade titles, and the library will increase with time. 

The company has also introduced a new genre of video games, i.e., Enlightened Games. These games help players improve their mental state and develop a deeper connection with their inner selves. Escape Kim, one of the Enlightened Games, helps us to learn to calm our restless minds through unique game mechanics. Players receive crypto tokens as a reward for completing different levels.

The blockchain-based games will allow users to live the authentic play-to-earn experience for unlimited hours of fun. They will be able to earn in-game currency as rewards in the form of crypto tokens that can be traded for real cash. 

Light One Machine Features

The Light One machine has a range of features to facilitate users’ access to decentralized ledger ecosystems, providing them with a full-fledged blockchain experience. 

First of all, as mentioned already, players will own all the in-game items for P2E offerings in a literal sense, as each will be linked to a unique NFT on the blockchain. Players will have complete control over their assets, and it’s up to them if they want to keep them or sell them on the marketplaces.

Players will also be rewarded through the share-to-earn feature for contributing to the game’s network by dedicating a certain amount of their screen time to Light One each day. You can also stake your NFTs without using any third-party staking wallet or pool service provider.

Moreover, considering the ongoing craze around metaverse, the Light One console will allow users to access some of the top metaverses in the industry, acting as a bridge between different ecosystems.

As the cherry on top, users can access the NFT marketplaces through the console, where they will be able to trade their in-game assets and virtual currencies. This will remove the hassle of transferring these items to an external wallet and visiting marketplaces separately. 

Light One Community

Besides providing a rich and diverse gameplay experience, Light One is also quite focused on developing a dedicated community on the platform. Players can participate in their platforms social network where they can communicate, compete, share the best moments, and converse with other community members through direct voice messages, and video.

You can even set up a business appointment with another player through the Light One arcade platform. It will allow you to challenge other community members either for one-to-one games to win meetings via webcam, lunch treat, or simply win reward tokens.

The B2B League feature will spice things up even more by bringing different companies together to compete against each other for the winner position in tiered league competitions. You can even create custom private leagues for your own friend/colleague group to see who the better player is in a particular arcade game. 

Light One Token: $NLIGHTN

$NLIGHTN is the native cryptocurrency for the Light One ecosystem built on the ERC-20 token standard. Once the full DAO model is implemented successfully, each holder of $NLIGHTN tokens will be able to participate in the ecosystem governance. Moreover, the currency will be used to buy, sell, and stake in-game items.

The maximum supply for NLIGHTN is capped at 1 billion tokens, making it a deflationary cryptocurrency. Moreover, the burning mechanism may also be implemented later in the future, further decreasing its supply and boosting its value.

5% of the total supply will be sold at public token sales, and 16% will be used in pre-seeds, seeds, and private token sales to raise funds for the development of the ecosystem. 15% will be kept for treasury and marketing purposes, while 8% will be used to provide liquidity to the decentralized exchange and marketplace. 15% of the funds will be allocated to the founding team and advisors. The remaining 41% will be kept for the ecosystem. 

Final thoughts

Light One is one of the handful of video game platforms bringing something unique and innovative to the blockchain gaming sector. Not only will its immersive ecosystem attract a massive crowd to the project, but it will also benefit the industry by introducing an entirely new product. The company has already secured several high-profile partnerships with multiple hardware and software providers, games studios, and animation studios. Find out more about the project and premint a Light One NFT here:

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