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5 Reasons Why Installing a Dash Cam is A Good Idea

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For a number of people, driving offers a sense of freedom and enjoyment by cruising on an open road or driving around the country side. How ever, with more cars on the road and fraudulent hit-and-run cases, not to mention issues around insurance claims in case of a crash, having a “silent witness” on board could help.

This is where a dash cam, or dash board cam, comes in handy by being there and silently recording everything that is happening. The camera itself is mounted on the dashboard of the car with a storage device such as an SD card, recording away as you drive, ensuring peace of mind in case of an accident.

Currently, dash cams are used globally in taxis, police, bus drivers, driving instructors, and even regular drivers. With all of that being said, here is a deep dive into the 5 reasons why installing a dash cam is a good idea.

  • Avoiding malicious ticketing

Getting a ticket for a penalty that you did not commit can become a thing of the past with a dash cam. Police officers are humans, like us, and can make mistakes, where they might have seen you go through a red light when in actuality, you went through a blinking green or yellow light can be a world of difference when it comes to a penalty.

In addition, speeding tickets can be disputed with the help of a dash cam in case you have been wrongfully accused.

  • Settle insurance claims

In some countries, insurance providers offer discounts for drivers installing dash cams. Furthermore, having a recording of an accident can speed up insurance claims as well as prove the factuality of the claim.

  • Serve as a security system

Better versions of dash cams have motion detection features, so if someone bumps into the car in the parking lot, the dash cam is sure to capture it. Additionally, leaving the car with the mechanic will no longer be stressful, as a dash cam can ensure that the mechanic is doing what he promised.

  • Offer peace of mind

While dash cams can offer peace of mind when it comes to theft, as they tend to deter thieves from even trying to steal a car with a dash cam, there is an additional benefit. Namely, worried parents giving the vehicle to their teenagers can have the peace of mind that they will be able to see how they fared and how their driving skills are improving and if there are issues that need to be addressed.

  • Recording your journey

Having a recording of your journey can have a twofold benefit. One is that you have a recording of everything that transpired during the trip, and if anything goes wrong, you can double-check it and show a video of what happened. And two, the video of a holiday trip, for example, can elicit fond memories and allow the user to relieve the scenery of the entire journey.

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