Fleet Dash Cam: What About Driver Privacy?

About Driver Privacy

Trucking operations are usually enthusiastic about installing a fleet dash cams. They have legitimate reasons to like the technology since these cameras can increase both productivity and safety. As a truck driver, you may appreciate some aspects of this technology but be wary about losing your privacy. Cameras that record what goes on in the cab can make you feel like big brother is watching.  

It doesn’t have to feel that way. When used judiciously, fleet dash cameras can serve both the interests of the drivers and the management team. 

Dash cams and your protection

Dash cams work to protect you as you perform your job. They offer the following benefits: 


In 2020, over 4000 people died due to big truck accidents. By far, the most casualties were those in passenger vehicles – 2713 deaths compared to 608 among large truck occupants. 

Dash cams can improve your safety by alerting you to dangerous driving behaviors. These are often bad habits that can easily be corrected, such as being inattentive to the road, driving too fast, etc. 

Problems will occur, and video footage from a fleet dash cam can help you understand how critical events happen on the road. Video footage displays in the cab and lets you see what caused an accident or near accident. You cannot control reckless behavior by other drivers, but you can be more alert to road dangers.

Legal protection

Those involved in big truck accidents often blame the truck driver. Witness statements are not always reliable. Video provided by fleet dash cams protects you from inaccurate claims about your driving. These devices help you avoid legal trouble, insurance issues, and company penalties. You will worry less when you have this documentation at hand. 

DOT regulations

Dash cams also make certain your company is following Department of Transportation regulations. Your hours on the road will be clearly documented and other working conditions. These cameras provide beneficial transparency.

Privacy issues

Despite these benefits, you probably have privacy concerns. This issue should be the most crucial consideration in using these devices. Fortunately, fleet dash cams can be configured to protect your privacy. Depending on your employer, you may have the camera facing outward only.

What you do on your own time is your business, so you can activate privacy mode on many of these cameras so that no footage from the cab streams to your headquarters when you are off duty.

Also, only authorized personnel can view the footage, and you can request access to any footage that is still being stored by your company. In general, the retention period is 90 days.

Final thoughts

Your company can use a fleet dash cam and still respect your privacy. You will benefit from enhanced safety and legal protection, and your company should see increased productivity. When truckers and management work together on this issue, they can usually find a way to use dash cams properly. 

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