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Tips On Maintaining Your Dash Cam Quality

Dashcams are a type of assistant for the car. It’s a type of technology that is constantly in use. While one can rely on backup cameras and other technology, there remains a need for a dashcam since these additional features are often unreliable or limited when it comes to functionality. 

The most common type of dashcam is the front-facing car camera driving video recorder. Let’s cover four simple steps to keep your dashcam functioning smoothly. One of the main reasons for a dashcam to falter is because the SD card has not been regularly formatted and/or the SD card has not been changed when it is worn out or unable to store data any longer, which can happen when you drive a lot.

Technology is great, but sometimes it doesn’t always perform how we want it to. That’s why you need to remember that not all dash cams are built the same way. You can boost performance by tweaking the settings on your cam and maybe adding an upgraded capacity battery pack for maximum versatility in case something happens that requires your dashcam to run at full power for longer durations.

Here are some tips to properly maintain your dashcams:

Choose the Appropriate SD Card

Before installing an HD dashcam to your car, it’s very important to make sure you’re going to use the right SD card for it. We recommend 64GB at a minimum but do pay attention to what class of car you’re buying as well. You’ll need one that is at least a class 10 if you want to store your footage in 1080p. 

The rating system on SD cards is used by manufacturers to describe the performance of the card. If a card has a higher write speed and reads speed, this indicates better performance overall and more success when recording and writing HD video data while driving.

Always Check the Settings

Your dashcam is packed with features. But you probably can’t use them all at the same time. Via the settings screen, you’ll be able to determine what kind of video you want to record when driving and although this allows you to select video resolution as well as duration, these settings will depend on which recording options you have selected.

A time-lapse is also a pretty good legal option that you should put into practice. However, you should be very careful with the variety of data that needs to be included as you choose your videos to record. 

Time-lapse dash cams are known for keeping important information, such as car registration and plate numbers, but it’s important that not all videos are given this feature because it could encourage intruders onto your private property. Of course, having GPS data of some sort might add to the security factor so it’s important to have reliable equipment in the first place.

Regularly Clean Your Windshield

While you thought your windshield was clean, it turns out that where the dashcam is positioned isn’t so clean. Although the dashcam will be focused on the road ahead of you, if you’ve got a filthy windshield, whatever is in front of it will wreak havoc on its footage. If you can at all help it, try to make sure there’s a clear view directly in front of your dashcam.

 You could always give your windshield regular washings or grab one of those squeegee things that are at gas stations when you fill up your tank – either way; just make sure to tend to it regularly and frequently! Also, watch out for the condition of your wiper blades – if they’re small and brittle, then replacing them might help improve overall visibility and prevent obstructions from forming on what’s being recorded by your dashcam.

Always Review Your Footage

It’s important to regularly inspect your dashboard camera. Simply fitting it to a clean windscreen and using the best SD card isn’t enough. You have to take time out of your day to check on the dashcam and view or delete photos if you find it necessary. 

Car battery issues can reset the setup of the dashcam. Additionally, you may find that the setup isn’t as great as expected for your SD card. Perhaps you prefer taking many photos every few minutes rather than waiting five minutes to take only one photo as most dashcams do by default.

You also need to make sure the dashcam is recording, which is why we recommend checking for status notifications with our free E-mail service. Your SD card might fill up too like if you forget to delete old images from your last ride.

Key Takeaway

Dashcams are very useful, especially in the present day. With so many motor vehicle accidents happening on the streets every day, others might use your words as a basis for their claims. But with dashcam footage, you won’t have to take them up on this request because it does not solely depend on what you say. 

Dashcam footage is increasingly becoming a vital tool that is essential in determining liability in these cases. Whether or not your case will end up going to trial, installing a dash cam can offer incontrovertible evidence that can help convince insurance companies and courts of where the blame (if any) rightfully falls. 

This is why it is important to continuously work on improving and maintaining your dashcam. This is mostly true since quality is one of the most important things to consider to make sure that you are getting the most out of your gadget. By doing so, you will guarantee not only your money’s worth but your safety on the road as well.

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