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5 Essential Work Remote Tools For Sales Teams

As more positions become remote, companies must pivot to keep up with the trend while maintaining a high-performing team. Fortunately, there are many work remote tools, software, and extensions available for remote teams around the globe to stay on task and connected. 

Remote sales teams, in particular, will want to implement these tools to keep up communication from various locations, track performance, uphold security, and manage projects. 

While every sales team has its tools of choice, these five essential tools encompass the fundamentals of sales success for remote sales teams. 

1. Webinar subscriptions

While email is a fundamental way of communicating with your team, webinar meetings allow a more personal and practical approach to checking in on team members and hosting team meetings. 

Some of the best webinar platforms you might want to consider for your remote sales team include:

  • Zoom.
  • Google Meet.
  • WebinarJam.
  • Big Maker.
  • Webinar Ninja.
  • Click Meet.

Not only can you speak and discuss hot-topics face-to-face with the team, but you can share your screen, host presentations, and take advantage of the chat feature to send links, messages, and other pertinent information quicker than an email can. Webinars are a great way to keep your sales team engaged.  

2. Secure passwords

Keeping your company’s information safe is vital, especially regarding a remote sales team. Since your team is working remotely, they will access company information from various browsers and dozens of different wifi connections, making the data vulnerable to cyber-attacks. 

Fortunately, you can implement a secure password platform for remote employees, such as Lastpass. This program type is compatible with smartphones, tablets, desktops, and other digital media. Moreover, it provides fast access to content no matter the wifi connection or browser. 

Password security programs you might want to consider include:

  • Lastpass.
  • Dashlane.
  • Sticky Password.
  • RoboForm.
  • Nord Pass.

The software can also alert you of potential security breaches, recommend strong passwords, store digital records, and allow you to share information with other users safely. 

However, the primary function of software like Lastpass or Lastpass alternatives is to keep your passwords stored in a secure spot on your hard drive. 

In addition to having tools to secure passwords, it’s also essential to provide remote sales teams with access to secure VPNs to access the work network. Cyberghost is highly rated for business use due to the speed of their secure servers and easy to install apps.

3. Gmail extensions

Gmail extensions vary in purpose and functionality. You can use some extensions for various purposes while others focus solely on one aspect. 

For example, Grammarly focuses on content editing, while a customer relationship management (CRM) extension can transform your email account into a sales productivity platform and connect with other Google systems.  

Grammar extensions

For remote teams working within Gmail frequently, it would be wise to incorporate some Gmail extensions to improve your sales outreach and help with productivity. Gmail extensions are plentiful and helpful.

You can purchase some, like Grammarly, to keep your emails to clients grammatically correct and even check to ensure your delivery is appropriate. 

Email finder extensions

Another extension you might want to look into is an email finder, like Voila Norbert. This type of Gmail extension allows your sales team to input a contact name and domain into a search system. 

The extension returns your inquiry with the appropriate email address for the individual. Some examples include:

  • ContactOut.
  • Find That Lead.
  • Hunter.
  • VoilaNorbert.

This extension reduces unnecessary ventures, such as cold calling to get marketing contact information. Instead, you input the desired info into the system and get your answer within seconds. 

Email tracking extensions

Track when your emails get read and delivered with an email tracking extension. Sometimes, it’s nice to know if your email reaches the correct address. 

However, concerning sales, tracking emails and knowing when the receiver reads them is crucial when sending follow-up emails. 

For example, if you notice a potential client has opened but not responded to your email, you can note the day and plan your follow-up email accordingly rather than guess when you should reach out again. 

The same applies to other critical transactional emails, like those sent after a client abandons the cart. Keeping track of when to send those help recover sales and boost revenue.

CRM extensions

If you want to minimize the time you spend checking your email or reduce the number of platforms you use to keep up with client relationships, you can implement a CRM extension into Gmail. 

The extension will turn your email account into a CRM tool. It will save client information to its system without breaking your current progress and sync to your calendar, Google Drive, and other necessary Google applications. 

Plus, you can use it to schedule out mass and standard emails to clients. That said, here are some useful CRM Gmail extensions: 

  • Salesflare.
  • NetHunt.
  • Streak.
  • InfusionSoft.

Some CRM extensions, such as ProsperWorks, provide insight and allow you to set goals and track performance directly from your Gmail account.

4. Project management platforms

Project management platforms are crucial in keeping your remote sales team on track with assignments. 

These platform types allow you to assign due dates, outline project details, and universally compile the necessary information, which is great for remote collaboration. Some platforms even allow you to set goals and track progress for projects

For example, suppose you want to plan which independent businesses you want to reach on specific days. 

In that case, you can create coherent lists of each company, add their phone number, address, email, and contact information, and create a deadline for the time you want to reach out. 

Project management platforms you might want to consider include:

  • Asana.
  • Hive.
  • Monday.
  • Trello.
  • Kissflow.

You can also assign specific sales representatives to each contact. Even if you aren’t the assignee, you can check in to see if the task is complete. 

Ultimately, a project management platform allows contacts from across the globe to check, keep up with, and complete necessary assignments.

5. Sales activity tracking programs

Concerning an effective sales team, communication and connection are essential. Tracking how you or your sales representative interact with customers is critical for building a more robust sales team and staying updated with your remote team’s progress

Sales activity tracking programs include:

  • Salesflare.
  • Nutshell.
  • EngageBay.
  • Pipedrive.

A sales activity tracking program or key performance indicator (KPI) tracking system will allow you and your team to stay updated with performance levels and improve processes accordingly. This can include even exporting order data and analyzing it.

This tracker will show precisely how a member or product performs, and it also analyzes the data to present you with clear progress reports and suggested outcomes. 

Bonus: Sales engagement software

Sales engagement platforms are tools that help sellers interact with their prospects. They should be a part of your sales tech stack and are essential in every sales team. They automate tasks, provide step-by-step daily activity, and allow recording results. Sales managers can also take advantage of them because of the insights gained through reporting. It’s the best way to keep track of effectiveness and efficiency.

Bloobirds is a sales engagement + playbook platform that guides SDRs and closing reps to convert more prospects into customers. It partners with your existing CRM and sits on top to make it more functional for the sales team. It eliminates admin tasks, makes selling more intuitive, and ensures reps follow best plays with the in-app playbook’s help. Bloobirds helps sales teams flow through their pipeline. It also collects crucial data and creates competitive insights.

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