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How Teams Calling can streamline remote working

Teams Calling in remote working

Microsoft Teams Calling is one of the most popular features of Office 365, for several reasons. However, you might be wondering what Teams Calling actually is, how it works, and how it can benefit remote workers and businesses?

What is Teams Calling?

Microsoft Teams Calling is one of the many great features provided by Microsoft 365. This Microsoft office feature is designed to embody all the basic aspects of phone calls, but with so much more added to it. Teams Calling offers quality calls – both voice and video – that are secure, reliable, and efficient for all users of Microsoft Teams. These calls can consist of up to 250 recipients at one time. Teams Calling also offers a wide range of call settings including, but not limited to, a voicemail system, forwarding to delegates, call holding / transferring, and do not disturb, all to give you full control over your calls. Also, with this feature, all your contacts are stored and easily edited within Teams, so you can add new numbers, edit or update existing user contacts, and even import numbers to Microsoft Teams. Teams Calling is truly the ultimate communication system.

How Teams Calling can be used by remote workers

Microsoft 365’s Calling feature can be the perfect opportunity to add a range of benefits to remote workers.

Remote workers, whilst having the benefit of working from home, are separate from their employees, bosses, team, or clients, so good communication is one of the most crucial things for them to have. With Teams calling, they can ensure that their work-related calls are of the richest quality without any connection or interference issues. This will not only allow them to get on with their daily tasks more efficiently but will also make them feel as connected as possible to all that’s going on in their business/team, despite working remotely.

Microsoft Teams Calling also has several call and contact features that make working remotely so much easier. You are easily able to organise and manage your contacts, from adding new ones to updating existing users and importing numbers. This means that all your important work contacts (clients/boss/employees) are right at your fingertips, giving you easy ways to proceed with work calls and preventing any risk of losing sensitive contact information. Also, the voicemail and delegation option mean that no call will go unanswered or unnoticed if you are occupied, and this will further strengthen work relationships and efficiency.

Furthermore, the voice and video calls can include up to 250 members at a time. Thus, despite working remotely, you will always be greatly connected to all your work colleagues/employees, and all meetings or important information can be shared simply without the need to leave your remote space.

Is Teams Calling just for remote workers?

Teams Calling is not just suitable for remote workers, but can be a great addition to a wide range of businesses situated in any, or several, locations. You may be able to execute physical meetings in your business workspace, but many businesses have clients, workers, and other branches across a local or global scale. Therefore, communication efficiency is just as important as it is for remote workers, so businesses will also benefit from the high-quality calls and various other features that Microsoft Teams Calling Offers.

When should a business consider Teams Calling?

There is no better time than now to start considering Teams Calling for your business. On top of the rich, reliable calling and contact organisation, there are many more benefits that can significantly improve a business using Microsoft Teams Calling.

Teams Calling puts you in full control of every form of communication in your business. All outward and inward calls are recorded and accessible at any time on Teams, and this includes calls from yourself, employees, clients, and customers. With this feature, you will always be informed and aware of everything occurring in the business, and this is important for any company.

Security is also at an optimal level with Teams Calling. Teams operates as a cloud calling system that is protected by a range of cyber-security measures such as firewalls and backups. This layered protection means all your communication remains private, and all the contact information is impenetrable and safe.

Microsoft Teams Calling is a superior form of communication software that every business can be significantly improved by. So now is the best time to get started!

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