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5 Beautiful Venues for Corporate Events In Hong Kong

Corporate Events In Hong Kong

Finding a venue where you can organize corporate events must be a daunting task. But a city that stays awake the whole night may not let you go empty. Hong Kong is a place where not only working calendars but social calendars are also jam-packed. Which means, you can work the entire day and have fun the whole night. While most of us love the vibe of rooftops and bars located within such places can be really cheerful. 

From exploring the islands around or discovering things in Macau, there’s no such unique space to have a cool party around. Therefore, a list can work wonders for you that includes 5 Best venues in Hong Kong to make your event memorable. Let’s dive in to know all about Hong Kong corporate event venue


Those who are diehard fans of Korean or Italian homestyle food must visit GSpotCookin. In order to get your hands messy in the kitchen, you have come to the right place. With cool friends and good taste buds, you are all set to enjoy its beautiful ambiance as well. GSpotCookin is basically hosted by CHEF G, who is expert in making extremely mouth-watering meals. 

Just gear yourself up to hang out in an incredible new-york style loft. If you want to escape from home and want to have the best time with your friends or family, and if you are planning to organize a birthday or anniversary event, this place is the most considerable option. 

Chalk Party

If you are a party-goer and want to have a blast at night without getting to struggle with the bustling crowds, Chalk party is all that you wish for. It is situated in Lan Kwai Fong. Now you can head towards the upstairs of Chalk Party and now, with a black chalk, you can scrawl on the walls of blacklight. This venue comes second in the hierarchy to organize corporate events and whatnot. 

You are required to dress up in white, preferably in a top that is disposable as neon color will be prominent on white. It will be covering your whole outfit with a shade of different neon colours. All hail to the T-shirt painting service there. Make your attire a little bit funkier by wearing headbands, sunglasses, and wigs which are included in the package. Now it’s time to move upstairs after getting done with your outfit, and start playing games or whatever you like.


Only a Hong Kong citizen knows what Mudita means to them. From renting a space to organize a corporate event, this venue should be on your list. Even when you have a small event like a birthday or even big events, Mudita never disappoints. Planning something to increase the market of their business will be beneficial for you as well as you will be provided with food, sound system, and other logistics too. 

Besides, allow your planner to manage accordingly so they can help you get accommodation along with extras. The vibe of this area is exceptionally different from others, the background music and whatnot. In Hong Kong, Mudita comes 3rd in the list of top event venues for corporations. 

Tikitiki Bowling Bar

Some bowling freaks always find good spaces for bowling. They can play for hours without getting tired. Tikitiki Bowling Bar is a themed space that takes bowling into the next level. With three bars, a dining area, an outdoor garden, a neon-lit lane for bowling, you will excitingly have a lot of fun and entertainment. Take a sip on mocktails served in Tiki mugs, and other delicious food when finally you are done with the bowling. Snacks, desserts, tender chicken, steaks, and lobsters are included in your meal. This place is good for organizing different kinds of events. Make a plan to visit this place with your friends. 

The Loft

Are you tired of searching for a peaceful place where you can sit and take a deep breath? Well, to avoid the hustle and bustle of the city, there is a palatial venue for you, The Loft. This space is ideal for cozy lunch or dinner reservations, with extremely delicious food and peaceful ambiance. Loft is located in the neighborhood of Wong Chuk Hang full of wooden furniture, plenty of plants and trees, and a rooftop terrace. You can rent this place for corporate events as well and can throw a birthday party or surprise party for your friends. Without uncertainty, this pretty venue is ideal for couple dates. 

Final Thoughts

A good venue for your occasion can make you all tired if you have nil information regarding it. So, these 5 amazing places mentioned above can be helpful in making your party memorable. Go through each one of these to select the best one for you within literally no time!

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