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7 things you need to own a successful banner business


So you’ve decided to own a banner business. You already know banner businesses make good money and banner owners often make in the neighborhood of $20,000 in revenue per banner year (though I’ve heard estimates as high as $100,000 per banner). A banner can be run out of your home with little overhead. There is no franchise fee or marketing department that takes a cut of your earnings – it’s just you and banner autopilot! How cool is that??

Now let’s get down to the nitty-gritty. What do you need? Here we go:

1. A banner business plan/operation manual

A well thought out banner business plan will save you time and headaches years down the road. It will show you exactly how much time and effort you can put into banner work and still expect to earn a profit. It will also keep your business organized and on track, so if one banner fails for whatever reason, there is always another banner ready to be activated to replace it.

2. A list of potential banner clients

The best banner ads are the ones that pay the banner owner well enough that he or she does not have to look for other banner sites. This means having a list of monthly advertisers who consistently pay $120 per banner (and don’t disappear after their first month). Start with an inventory of perhaps 500 potential advertisers in various industries – this database should grow over time once all the kinks are worked out and banner reliability is established.

3. A banner ad code library/database

This one should be self-explanatory. The banner ads you sell to your banner clients should be tracked somewhere so you can invoice them accurately, prove delivery of banner ads to banner sites and provide proof of click-through (if necessary). Working without a banner ad database means more work for you every time you get an order! You’ll find it much easier to keep track of who has purchased what banner ad by having it all listed in one place. Make sure the database allows for monthly renewal reminders – nothing irritates banner site owners more than finding out weeks after their banner ads expired that they owe another month’s fee!

4. A decent website with banner ad banner rotation

It goes without saying that your banner business needs a banner to advertise on. This site should have banner rotation, meaning other banner ads will be display on the homepage alongside your banner ad (more about this later). Banner ads displayed on another banner site’s website are referr to as “banner rotations”. You should also display an 800 number prominently on your banner-ad website so you can get phone orders.

5. A payment processing system

If you’re planning to sell banner ads strictly using affiliate programs like Commission Junction or Link share, then this isn’t a big deal. However if you plan to take direct orders from banner advertisers, then a payment processing system is a must. Some banner businesses choose not to collect banner ad revenue from banner clients. They rely on banner affiliates exclusively or a mix of banner affiliates and direct banner ads.

6. A banner affiliate program

While it is not necessary to have a banner affiliate program in order to own a banner business, it can add an additional source of banner ad inventory which you can sell to outside advertisers. If you choose not to create your own banner affiliate program. You will be missing out on a potentially large revenue stream without any effort at all! A banner affiliate network like Commission Junction provides access to thousands of websites who are looking for new advertisers. And will pay a commission per sale that originates from their site if you sign up with them as their advertiser. There’s no reason why you cannot qualify for banner affiliate membership with some banner ad experience. Banner affiliates are looking to place banner ads on websites with a proven banner history.

7. A banner CMS

A Content Management System is a collection of banner code libraries. Banner ad databases and payment processing systems rolled into one integrated package. This banner tool will allow you to instantly create new banners. Track banner orders and record payments from your clients without any technical knowledge at all! The best banner CMS’s available today includesBannerOS, Imagebam Pro and Nucleus. Banner software has come a long way in the last few years. And these tools really do make it easy for anyone to become a successful banner business owner!


Many banner ad sellers treat banner ads as banner rotations. You sell banner inventory that is displayed on another banner website’s homepage. This is profitable, but it’s by no means the only way to capitalize on banner advertising. If you want to explore other ways of selling banner inventory.


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