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10 Fintech Forums on Facebook

Financial institutions are discovering avenues of opportunities that are facilitated by social, digital, cloud and analytics. As innovation in fintech accelerates, many fintech forums on Facebook have been created. These forums engage fintech community in specific topics, ensuring you are updated about fintech innovation. The following are 10 Fintech Forums on Facebook you should join.

1) Peer-to-Peer Lending & FinTech

Peer-to-Peer Lending & FinTech is a discussion group in which questions, answers, and articles concerning p2p lenders and borrowers are addressed. All types of alternative lending information are also discussed.  The P2p lending from the US & UK is the main focus in this forum.


Payment & Fintech Network is for sharing news and information about the Payment & Fin Tech industry. The members believe that fintech is rapidly growing around the world and there are many new innovative technologies introduced every day. The forum is used to update members about interesting market insights, such as; Near Field Communication (NFC), Cardholder Verification Methods (CVM) and Host Card Emulation (HCE).

3) NYU FinTech

NYU FinTech is a student club plus fund, which focuses on promoting awareness and stimulating the growth of tech startups in the financial services industry.

4) FinTech Forum

FinTech Forum seeks to identify innovators, disruptors and “hidden champions” in the financial services sector and bring them together with investors and banks.

5) Fintech Malaysia

Fintech Malaysia is a group for anyone interested in following the growth of financial technology and digital banking in Malaysia.

6) Fintech Startups

This forum has been made for people to discuss and share information about fintech startups. Members are requested to introduce themselves before they post anything.

7) Entrepreneurs Connected

Entrepreneurs Connected  forum has many motivated and creative entrepreneurs who want to make a change in the world. The group was created for entrepreneurs from around the world to meet, network, and discuss entrepreneurship. You can also let group members know when you’re traveling so you can set up meetings and grow your network.

8) FinTech

Fintech is a forum that allows fintech innovators to discuss fintech, the blockchain, and the future of money.

9) FinTech Innovation Lab

FinTech Innovation Lab is a Facebook forum that gives information of what early and growth-stage companies need to develop. This is a good platform for startups to learn how they can grow alongside the world’s leading banks. The forum also provides up-to-date information about fintech industry.

10) Fintech Startups India

Fintech Startups India is a forum where individuals share and discuss the development happening around Financial Technology in India.  The members believe that fintech has huge potential and there is need to build a great community around it.

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