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Zwilt, an innovative talent platform, eyes a March launch date.

Zwilt, a talent platform that vets and tests candidates, to seamlessly onboard the worlds’ companies, is setting its eyes on a March launch date.

Much of the second half of 2021 was spent in product and market research at Punch Group for their revolutionary new platform, Zwilt.

The idea behind Zwilt was brewing in the minds of the Punch to brass for quite a while.  The concept of always finding the right candidate is a dream for many companies around the world. To go through somewhat of a candidate marketplace, where you would find both battle-ready candidates and fresh prospects to mold into your own. With COVID and the lockdown restrictions, the idea took on a new life, with remote candidates being the main area of focus.

Transparency would be a core tenet for Zwilt, having all tests, interviews, and AI statistics available for any employer to go through any time they wanted. Candidates would have a profile where all past tests, interviews, employments, and portfolios would be made available.

Punch’s ex-Google team had built a water-tight hiring system and wanted a reliable and scalable way to grow it. Punch, who had been exploring AI model generation at the time, decided to put these two ideas together and came up with an AI-enabled hiring experience that helped companies make the right hiring decisions, always.

Punch, as a proof of concept, soft-launched Zwilt in 2021 and immediately generated buzz around the concept and product. After a few rounds of brainstorming and feedback, Punch was ready to revamp Zwilt, building around the core concept they had already built.

While the core concept was a great foundation, Punch felt that it could be improved upon much more. At the time, Punch’s video and animation team had already begun work on their custom animated videos platform – Recrowdly

Both teams collaborated, and Zwilt was given a fresh, video-enabled identity that would build off the idea of transparency. Video interviews would take over the website and allow the employers too, within minutes of venturing on the candidate’s profile, be informed of their work and experience.

Punch has been hard at work creating the Zwilt product. While not all has been smooth sailing in its development, they feel like the product is building into something that will help companies and candidates worldwide.

“Developing the product has been a challenge, for sure, but it is not something that we shy away from so easily. We’re believers in the Zwilt platform and want to see this thing off the ground as soon as possible”, Engineering Lead, Zwilt.

Zwilt was originally envisioned as a platform that would help companies, onboard engineers, into their ranks. But, in working on Recrowdly, Joodla, and many other ideas, Punch expanded Zwilt’s scope to allow for more than just engineers. Now writers, marketers, data scientists, designers, animators and so many more can be a part of the new platform.

Punch is looking to launch Zwilt by the end of the first quarter and continue on the product’s development soon.

CEO at Punch, Verdi Ergun, said

“With the world going remote, and working from home, we wanted a reliable way to keep our recruiting efforts alive, and thriving – and that’s really how Zwilt was born. We want to give every candidate and every company a transparent, reliable, and scalable way to create relationships that’ll last.”

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