Yield Optimizer CoinWind Announces $COW Boardroom Pools & Staking Rewards, Reveals Upcoming Roadmap

CoinWind Deployment on ETH Mainnet

Singapore, Aug 2, 2021 – With much of the crypto community awaiting the release of Ethereum 2.0, the smart DeFi management platform, CoinWind, has jumped on the ETH bandwagon, deploying on the ETH mainnet  last week.

Latest: $COW & $COW/$USDT Boardroom Lockup Pools and Staking Rewards!

CoinWind announced that today, August 2nd at 18:00 SGT, on both Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and Huobi Eco-Chain (HECO), $COW and $COW/$USDT will be available in the CoinWind boardroom lockup pools, with $COW profit ratios of 30% and 70% offered. These fixed-term lockup pools promise greater profits than normal demand lockup pools.

Furthermore, $COW token holders will enjoy staking rewards alongside greater decision-making privileges on the platform as it moves toward a community-driven decentralized autonomous organization (DAO).

Lower Mining Fees on Ethereum 

With ETH officially moving from Proof of Work (PoW) to a Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism, CoinWind is expanding into the ETH Network, having integrated the ETH mainnet and offering reduced mining fees.

Below is CoinWind’s latest roadmap for the upcoming months, detailing their plans.

CoinWind RoadMap

A Better User Experience and Improved APY Rates

To deal with the influx of new users, CoinWind has added more languages (Korean, Russian, Turkish and Japanese) to its website and sped up its loading speed, improving overall user experience.

CoinWind will also offer a more attractive value proposition by offering higher APY yield rates, optimizing profit-making strategies and giving greater access to quality bottom-tier assets. Users should see greater revenues and less losses and expenses.

August Burn & Buyback

This August, $COW tokens will be repurchased and burned in order to increase $COW token scarcity and hence boost token price. This is sure to benefit current long-time holders and drive interest from new investors seeking to get in before the token price increase.

An Open Source Contract for a Community-Driven Model

The developer community will be given more opportunity to contribute to the CoinWind contract as it becomes open source. This will be done in conjunction with CoinWind’s transition to a more democractic, community-driven governance model (DAO).

This is expected to push CoinWind into becoming a user-based, self-sustaining ecosystem.

Integrated-chain Expansion & a Market for NFTs

Besides the ETH Mainnet, CoinWind also plans on supporting more chains, like Solana, Matic and others in the pipeline, building its network and opening it up to even more investors and thus token mining possibilities.

CoinWind intends to tap into the immense potential of the NFT market by working with IP brands to construct an NFT ecosystem that can power CoinWind’s own NFT user-marketplace where trading and mining can take place.

This shows a marked expansionary agenda from CoinWind and thus a likely increase of  incentives, adoption and activity in the coming months.

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