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Last week saw the start of the third installment of WoW Classic’s “Season of Discovery,” a heady experiment within the original classic version of World of Warcraft. “Season of Discovery” is an unusual project in many ways. It includes brand new features that weren’t in the original 2004 version of the game, and it doesn’t publicly test before launching new stages. In some ways it is more experimental than the current version of WoW, but with the original low quality graphics. As it was announced above, phase 3 of SoD has already begun  so the players who just started their adventure in the current Season of Discovery have a lot of issues to overcome. There is a way to catch up efficiently in this expansion via using the most trusted wow boosting provider.

A new part of the season opener is that Blizzard will be adding additional phases until level 60 (4th Phase) at the moment is Phase 3 (50lvl max), restricting players at different levels all the way to level 60. While Blizzard hasn’t given a specific amount of time, it has been hinted that these phases of pumping will last over a month or maybe two..

Runes as a new player power in WoW Season of Discovery

One of the major new mechanics added in Discovery Season is the rune engraving system and new class runes available to players. Players will unlock runes by completing new Discovery quests, treasure chests, or secrets throughout Azeroth. Once a rune is unlocked, it will be added to the rune bar attached to the character panel. From here, players will apply “Engrave Runes” spells, attaching runes to various pieces of equipment. Once attached, the new spell will be unlocked for the player.

During the Blizzcon developer panel, Blizzard announced only three runes for each class. We had the pleasure of testing the Blizzcon demo and players were able to decipher over 100 runes from the event in Phase 1. So now there are 15+ runes per class available in SoD Phase 3, so with each new phase, new and interesting runes will be added for each unique class and specialization.

In the first phase, players received 12 runes for each class, changing the traditional gameplay of WoW Classic and in the case of the Shaman, Bandit, Mage and Warlock even adding a new role in dungeons. There will be new runes in later phases that may change the meta, so it’s best to collect all the runes of the current phase before the next one is released.

While not all runes are strong now, runes that are of little use at first glance may become class-defining in the future. For example, the rune of the lone hunter is not relevant now, but if in the future they pump melee for hunters, such a rune will save time.

New Class Roles in Season of Discovery

Thanks to new class spells added from the rune engraving system, some classes will have access to a whole new role! For example, Bandits, Witchblades, and Shamans can officially Tank. Mages will be able to heal thanks to their new runes, which allow damage from arcane magic to heal group members.

Upgrade the profession system in SoD

Proficiency has never been more important than in WoW SoD. With the advent of level ranges for each phase – 25, 40, and 50 – items of these levels have gained new relevance and profitability in the auction.

Alchemy and spellcasting can be very useful in PvE and PvP, so it’s easy to make a profit. But thanks to the new items for each profession, it’s not shameful to pick up Tailoring, Blacksmithing, Leatherworking or Engineering for the sake of personal power and the ability to craft better items.

New Level up Raid in Phase 3 Season of discovery 

Since player levels were capped at 25 in the first phase of Season of Discovery Raids, Blizzard will be expanding various dungeons and turning them into “level up raids” which are currently 10 and 20 player raids with additional boss mechanics, challenges, and to include new gear. Blizzard announced that in phase 1 they expanded raid for the 25 level into the first level up raid, in phase 2 was Gnomeregan (40level) and currently the Sunken Temple raid(50 level) in Phase 3.

The development team of the classic version of World of Warcraft announced a few days ago that the 3 phase started on Thursday, April 4. The authors have posted a video with details of all the planned novelties in this phase. For many players this announcement came as a surprise, as it was assumed that the second phase would last a bit longer. All the details you can check here on the official Blizzard video about Phase 3 Preview | Season of Discovery | World of Warcraft.

The main squeeze from the announcement:

  • The maximum level has been increased from 40 to 50;
  • New raid – Temple of Atal’Hakkar. In the new raid players will find 8 bosses, new items, and the maximum number of participants to pass has been increased from 10 to 20;
  • A special class quest with rewards has been introduced to the game, which you will be able to complete upon reaching level 50;
  • Two new runes for each classwill be added to the game;
  • Players will have dual specialization available to activate from the dwarf traveler;
  • Maximum level players will be able to rediscover the dungeons of Black Mountain Depths, Marodon, and Zul’Farrak with all-new loot!
  • For PvP enthusiasts, the game will feature new armor sets that they will be able to obtain at ranks 5, 6, and 7.
  • New faction “Emerald Guardians”. In this faction, players will be able to purchase a starter set of PvP items that will make it easier to start the game in the new phase.
  • The maximum level of professions will be raised to the maximum available – up to 300.
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