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5 Best Gold Farming Tips In WOW Classic SOD Phase 1

Season of Discovery is looking to make its own gold crafting meta, with the level cap set at 25. With new raids and PVP Zones coming out, and even new items from different classes, people will want to spend gold to maximize their characters.

Here, I will share five WOW Classic SoD Gold farming tips that can help you gain an advantage in the game. Without further ado, let’s get started!

Find Big Bags

In Season of Discovery, storage space will become scarce as we cannot get quest rewards for higher-level recipes and bags. The largest bags a player can make will be 10 slot bags.

So bags are very important now, not only for out crafting like Farming or Gathering but also for WoW Season Of Discovery Gold farming.

Below, we will list some slot bags that players can get by purchasing or completing tasks:

Huge Brown Sack

However, in Phase 1, there are larger bags available. The most convenient 12 slot bags would be Huge Brown Sack, sold by Bag Vendors in all major cities. Each bag comes with a hefty fee of 10 WoW SoD gold.

So if you want to downgrade a bit, there are plenty of 10 slot bags you can easily pick up. Tailors can give you a Small Silk Pack or you can make it yourself, which is also 10 slot bags. You can get it for free, but you have to complete the mission. This way, you don’t have to buy SoD Classic Gold for 10 slot bags.

Deviate Hide Pack

Since Wailing Caverns are viable for both Alliance and Horde, you can actually go to this area first.

This is a secret area, and if you descend into Wailing Caverns from the top above the cave entrance, you can actually enter this little area with NPCs or this little cave, or you can just accept the quest.


One mission rewards 10 slot bags, Deviate Hide Pack. To get this pack you don’t actually even need to get into the instance, you can actually just farm Raptor. Even though they are Elite Raptors, at level 25, you should be able to defeat them fairly easily.

Sida’s Bag

Although Wailing Caverns are more of Horde’s favorite area, the mission does become available to Alliance side.


But we actually think Alliance will have a good place to farm here. Because there are two additional Alliance-exclusive tasks that also award 10 slot bags, Sida’s Bag. One is Night Watch Quest in Darkshire and the other is Ooze Quest in Menethil Harbor. So you can definitely do these two quests or all three quests to get more slot bags.

Journeyman’s Backpack

Not only that, if you like fishing or want to gamble on a bigger bag, you can go to the higher-level Zone, such as Moonglade. This is probably the safest place, and trying to fish here will give you a chance to get a 14-slot Journeyman’s Backpack.

If you get this, you don’t even necessarily need to use it, as you can probably sell it for a pretty decent profit in SoD gold.

Darkmoon Storage Box

Finally, there is another way to get back the 14 slot bags. To perform some activities at Darkmoon Faire and exchange 50 Darkmoon Faire Prize Tickets for a 14-slot Darkmoon Storage Box.

Wailing Caverns

Even without entering the dungeons, Wailing Caverns area offers excellent gold-making opportunities. But Alliance players will run the risk of encountering Horde in Barrens.


However, in PVE, you cannot be killed unless marked. This makes Wailing Caverns a safe and profitable place, especially for leatherworking.

You can pick up Deviate Scale Belt from Ebru to sell or craft. Nearby NPCs also offer limited-quality recipes, whose value is at level 25.

Alternatively, you can farm Cloud Serpent and Raptor for bags, auctions, or leatherworking recipes while completing instances of Deviate Hides and Scales.


Fishing in the nearby pool will also give you Deviate Fish, which is needed to make Savory Deviate Delight Recipe. This fish and recipe will be very popular in raids and PVP. If the drop rate increases, you can also sell fish or cooked meals, or the recipe itself, to earn extra WoW SoD gold.

Farm Rare Materials

This gold-making strategy is also an extension of farming Deviate Scale in Wailing Caverns. i.e. farming for additional rare items such as Scales and Leather for armor crafting.

We’ve already discussed Deviate Scale around and within Wailing Caverns. Another great way to farm these useful materials is Murloc.

You can grow these Slimy Murloc Scales specifically, and you’ll be able to find Murlocs in areas like Horde’s Silverpine Forest or Westfall. These scales are important materials used in certain recipes, such as Leatherworker’s Murloc Scale Belt and Murloc Scale Breastplate.

For Alliance players, you can farm Red Whelp in Wetlands to get these Red Whelp Scale. They can also be used to make Leatherworker’s Red Whelp Gloves.

Farming Murloc is an enormous challenge for many players. These Murlocs come from Hillsbrad Foothills, Dustwallow Marsh and Stranglethorn Vale and are of higher levels. Some of these places may be a little difficult to access at level 25. But if you can form a team like a therapist, you might tackle some of these more difficult areas properly.

But farming Murloc is also very profitable. Because if you can get more Murloc Scale from these areas, then you can provide materials for better recipes.


In addition to Deviate Fish we discussed earlier, fishing also has an interesting niche in Season of Discovery, especially with the limited level cap. Even though fishing hasn’t reached the most popular level yet, the fact that higher-level areas are still available gives it potential.


By fishing, you don’t have to fight higher level monsters like you do to complete quests. Instead, you can go to higher-level areas to catch more useful stuff. For example, you can find treasure chests containing rare materials, such as Mageweave Cloth, which are difficult to get at level 25.


You can even go to level 50 and above areas like Winterspring to get big slot bags. Of course, these areas can be dangerous at level 25. But fishing gives you the option to access these areas without fighting. Therefore, earning Classic SoD gold through fishing in Season of Discovery might be worth considering.

Plan Your Professions In Advance

One final gold farming tip is to pre-plan not only for the two main professions you choose in Season of Discovery, but also for the new recipes and items that are added to each profession.


With new level 25 raids and PVP content, the developers are introducing powerful new endgame items for the profession. For example, each crafting profession will get epic armor to craft, while Alchemy, Engineering, and Enchanting get new consumables and items. While the materials required for these items haven’t been revealed yet, it’s best to keep an eye out.

If we know the specific materials needed for new items, we’ll know which items are in high demand and worth farming. Or, if you already have one of these professions, you’ll have a better idea of what materials you can get cheap.


These are my top five tips for earning gold in WoW Classic Season of Discovery. I hope these tips can help you accumulate enough gold and have a pleasant Discovery journey!

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