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World Mobile Launches in the United States As James Tagg Joins The Team

World Mobile

First-ever blockchain-powered mobile network, World Mobile, announces its official launch in the US with the onboarding of expert chief architect, James Tagg.

The goal of World Mobile to bridge the digital divide by 2030 recently received a boost as the company onboards inventor and expert in the communications and telecommunications field, James Tagg. In a related development, World Mobile has officially launched in the United States as it continues to pursue its goal of delivering high-quality connectivity worldwide.

I’m honored to be joining the World Mobile team. Blockchain is a world-changing technology, and there’s nothing more gratifying than connecting the globe with this cutting-edge technology.” He further added, “WM has a great vision and, with my background in innovative telecoms, we’re going to completely revolutionise the landscape,” said James Tagg, speaking about his new role and the vision of World Mobile to use the sharing economy to significantly reduce the cost of delivering connectivity to customers across the globe. 

Overview of The World Mobile Project

World Mobile is a telecommunication infrastructure company that was created to build the world’s largest blockchain-based hybrid mobile network. The company aims to deliver universal, affordable, and high-quality connectivity across the globe, using the $WMT token to facilitate transactions across its network. The ultimate goal of the project is to connect the unconnected, irrespective of their location worldwide.

The Decision To Launch in the US

Internet connectivity remains a major subject of discussion in countries across the globe, with millions of people practically disconnected from the rest of the world due to the difficulty of accessing the internet. The situation is not particularly different in the United States, with the country currently taking a traditional approach to telecommunication networks, often requiring a relatively high cost of deployment. Consequently, it has been a struggle for service providers to meet up with the increasing demand from customers. A recent Statista report revealed that 10% of the US population has no internet connectivity with 30% of the country’s landmass lacking cellular coverage. It is also reported that a 10% increase in households connected to the Internet can lead to a 1.4% growth in a country’s GDP. Therefore, World Mobile is launching in the US as part of the company’s roadmap to bring a disruptive change in the telecommunication industry by utilizing the sharing economy to build the network at a fraction of the traditional cost.

The Addition of James Tagg To The World Mobile Team

James Tagg is a technology entrepreneur, inventor, and author with proven expertise in man-machine interfaces and quantum artificial intelligence. As the founder of Truphone, the world’s first global mobile operator, and Moonstone, which developed the first projected capacitive touchscreen, now found in almost every mobile phone worldwide, James has made a name for himself in the tech world. He also made the first VoIP call on a mobile phone and is one of the inventors of eSIM. Over the years, he has demonstrated his passion for excellence and dedication to creating solutions that will improve business operations and enhance the lifestyle of people, irrespective of age or gender.

James Tagg brings over three decades of success as a technology entrepreneur to the team with the launch of World Mobile USA. His appointment will further strengthen and deepen the expertise at World Mobile.

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About World Mobile 

World Mobile is the first mobile network built on blockchain. The network works with local businesses and entrepreneurs, empowering them to connect their local communities via a sharing economy. World Mobile’s hybrid network utilises both air and ground assets to deliver network coverage in rural areas lacking internet connectivity.

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