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WOM Protocol Partners With Next Block Expo Bringing Martech Community to One of the Biggest Web3 Events in Europe

Singapore, Wednesday, 5th October 2022: Web3 martech solution, WOM Protocol, is excited to be a Media Partner of the first edition of Next Block Expo (NBX), the powerful blockchain conference linking the most influential people and projects in the web3 space.

As an NBX Media Partner, WOM is spreading the word among its global martech community to join the self-styled ‘Blockchain Festival of Europe’ in Berlin from November 23-24th. WOM is also galvanizing the web3 influencer pool from its “TikTok of crypto” app, BULLZ, to drive web3 content creators to the event, while helping to educate people about all things web3-related.

The NBX conference, which brings diverse communities together to redefine and discover the future of web3, is the ideal opportunity for empowering both creators and brands to grow their knowledge of the potential web3 tools, projects, and predictions reshaping the creator economy.

The WOM Protocol enables creators and content authenticators to monetize their authentic word-of-mouth recommendations, using a decentralized peer-to-peer review system to ensure content starts earning once it passes a quality rating.

Currently, the protocol is integrated into self-developed apps, including BULLZ. The scaling BULLZ app has onboarded a valuable network of web3 influencers, with over 30m+ reach, which in turn supported the development of the next set of web3 martech tooling for brands and advertisers: the BULLZ Campaign Manager. This enables web3 projects to launch campaigns with verified creators on the BULLZ app. Various web3 projects have also successfully launched WOM campaigns, including ROCKI, crypto exchange MEXC, EuroReels, Fidlecoin, Jigstack, DOEX, Mad Metaverse, ATTA Protocol, and more. 

Melanie Mohr, Founder, and CEO of WOM Protocol said: “Next Block Expo attracts the brightest minds and captures the Zeitgeist of the web3 world. One of the hottest conversations on the block is how the creator community can diversify platforms and drive more community-based influencer engagement and the tools, such as BULLZ, poised to help them do so. We’re excited to spread the word and bring the creator crowd to this epic event.”

Tom Kopera, the co-founder of Next Block Expo, said: “We are stoked to partner with WOM Protocol and its media platform, BULLZ, to bring in more of their hugely talented video creators. Web3 projects need more support in creating entertaining explainer content to help onboard new users.”


About the WOM Protocol

WOM (word-of-mouth) Protocol is a blockchain-based protocol that gives brands, content creators, publishers, and social networks a way to monetize word-of-mouth recommendations on any website, app, or platform. WOM is backed by seasoned investors from around the world. For more info about WOM



BULLZ is a dedicated app for discovering authentic blockchain and crypto-related recommendations. Users can find trending projects, discuss them together with other crypto enthusiasts and experts, and can get rewarded for sharing their own videos about the projects and companies they love. With the “promote to earn” model, users are rewarded with WOM Tokens for their authentic recommendations directly within the app. For more information about BULLZ

About Next Block Expo

Next Block Expo – one of the biggest industry events in Europe – is bringing founders, investors, and blockchain experts together at Berlin Station on November 23-34, to redefine & discover the future of web3. Next Block Expo is an extension of the previous event series held under the name Cryptocurrency World Expo over the last six years. For more info about Next Block Expo:

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