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Advanced Blockchain AG Invests In WOM token Towards The Establishment Of New Business Models

Earlier this year, the WOM Token platform was established to ensure a decentralized system that collectively profits brands, content creators and actors across several social media platforms. This platform seeks to ensure that through a protocol, it is able to restore marketing to an old and very effective form known as word of mouth marketing. In so doing, it is helping several brands engage this profitable marketing strategy to be able to increase its overall business productivity while rewarding every actor in the process. Currently, the WOM token platform is working at a blockchain protocol that will help facilitate its activities and largely contribute to its long-term vision of being able to make use of the blockchain to create many business models.

How Does The WOM Token Work?

The WOM Token is a mechanism that helps to strengthen the bond and interaction that exists between a brand and its prospects; a company and its customers; the social media and its users. It works with the YEAY application particularly for its widespread adoption by teens and youths globally, who make use of the app to shoot different videos with different styles. With this application, WOM is able to design a system that rewards any one who markets the products and services at anytime based on the volume such marketing brings for the brand being marketed. On the platform, users are able to provide reviews and recommendations of brands, companies and the various products and services they offer. This way they bring more customers to the brands and companies, and they themselves get rewarded for it.

With a current token private sale on now, and the existing relationship between WOM token and YEAY platform, YEAY looks to be the first platform that will adopt the working of the WOM token platform upon completion of its tokens sale.

Advanced Blockchain AG’s Investment In WOM Token

WOM token on one hand is a platform that looks to maximize the blockchain and cryptocurrency to explore and create new business models. Advanced blockchain AG is also one of those platforms looking out to invest in a platform with a vision like that of WOM Token. Looking through the several achievements of the WOM token and the YEAY platform in being able to re-invent micro marketing in more practical and profitable ways, Advanced Blockchain AG looks to be a part of this drive and see to contributing towards the success of WOM token’s several new business model project.

This investment is going to be very helpful to both the WOM token and the YEAY platform especially for the fact that they can leverage on the verse crypto community space of the advanced blockchain AG in creating a new generation marketing strategy that can serve as models to several businesses globally.

As we stay keen to see the outcome of this investment to both the marketing world and the cryptocurrency ecosystem, we are sure that the WOM token and YEAY platform will not just experience a new dimension of effectiveness, but also high scalability. In the coming years, these two platforms would be one of, if not the largest platform that provides several businesses, brands and companies with the best models that can help them monetize word of mouth marketing.

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