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Wireless Technology – What is It?

Wireless technology is the transmission of data between two or more locations that don’t use an electric conductor as an active medium to carry out the transfer. In most cases, the most popular wireless technology used in cellular phones are radio waves. This technology is actually quite simple, and only requires the transmission of radio signals between two or more transmitter and receivers on different ends. In the past, the most popular wireless technology used in cell phones was the CDMA (Digital Subscriber Access) network.

As the popularity of this wireless technology grew, other technologies emerged to compete with it. First to come into play were the CDMA sets (which previously were the only method available), then the GSM systems, and finally the WLL (Wide Area Network) systems. GSM was the next big thing in wireless communications, and it quickly stole the consumers’ desire away from CDMA cellular phones and CDMA telephone sets. This particular technology uses the same radio frequencies as the CDMA systems, but provides much faster transfer speeds. GSM cellular phones were released in the United States in 2001, and in many other countries soon after.

The worldwide market for wireless communications is enormous. The Internet is a prime location for global wireless communications. Numerous wireless devices use the Internet for their global positioning capabilities. Some are GPS systems (Global Positioning System), while others merely relay data from one source over a network of cell phones. Global Standard of Mobile Communication (GSM) and WLL systems both utilize the Internet as their primary source of communications.

Most modern wireless technology is based upon radio waves, which are transmitted via radio signal waves and can be affected by physical barriers such as buildings, walls, and other items. One of the best examples of wireless technology utilizes the use of thermals. Thermostats are devices that pass electrical impulses through a material, thereby heating it. Modern thermostats utilize what is referred to as an RFID technology, which stands for Radio Frequency Identification, to transmit signals.

Wireless technology for cellular phones can be broadly categorized into three different areas: cordless telephones, PCMCIA cards, and MMC cards. Cordless telephones are the most basic form of wireless technology. These devices use radio frequencies to communicate with base stations and receivers on the network. The frequency used is most likely picked up by the receiving device, which then sends it on wirelessly to the other cellular devices within the network. As a result, there are no wires required to connect the devices together.

MMC or Multichannel Multipoint Distribution Service is a newer form of wireless technology. Instead of using single radio frequencies, MMC uses a set of channels to communicate with devices on multiple networks. In recent years, several companies have developed computer networking products using iot principles. These networking products utilize iot principles in delivering information from multiple devices to servers where data is stored. Some companies that have adopted iot principles include Hewlett Packard, Cisco, Microsoft, and Motorola.

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