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The Positive Impact of Mobile Phones on Your Business Performance.

The business landscape a few decades ago is far more different than it is today. There was no email service for you to quickly send your messages. It goes without saying that the internet was not there and mobile marketing was unheard of. Compare and contrast the state of affairs then and how it is now given the technological advancements in mobile telephony. People are sharing vast amounts of information across great distances at the touch of button. The use of the Iphone and business have started changing the landscape of how business communicate, it started with blackberry but Iphone stole the show.

There is a global interconnectedness in terms of business that has never been seen before in history; a fact that can be proven by leading technology experts. The result of these developments has been the rise of global businesses that were previously just small start-ups. Small businesses that wouldn’t have had a chance in a different era have grown tremendously and still have a long way to go. The positive impact mobile phones have had on business performances can be observed on a number of fronts. Make sure you find the best iphone deals for your business to help boost your team’s performance.

Improved communication

The connectivity that a mobile provides a businessman whilst on the road is invaluable. He/she can respond to any concerns or inquiries from both customers and suppliers in a timely fashion no matter where he is at that present moment. There’s also the aspect of convenience in that you’re able to have all the applications you need in a miniature device e.g. business, email and internet apps. The ease of communication that has come about due to texting, social networking and email has not only made internal communication within businesses easier and faster, but also resulted in a better consumer engagement. Increased efficiency and better customer relationships have inevitably led to better business performance.

Increased productivity

The goal of every business that is trying to grow as fast as possible is to glean as much productivity from all its employees and assets. Successfully doing so involves making sure that the best technologies are used to perform specific tasks so at to achieve peak productivity. The significance of mobile phones in conducting business has rapidly increased especially when it comes to figuring out the best way to connect with consumers, facilitators and suppliers. For example, making a phone call and clarifying all aspects of a business deal over the phone is more productive that sending your proposal via email and hoping the recipient sees it, reads it and gets back to you soon enough.


Small and medium-sized businesses that would like to surpass the limitations of conventional advertising methods e.g. print have found a great avenue to reach a far wider consumer base in online marketing. Given the number of people who use mobile phones to connect to the internet far surpasses the number of people who use PCs, businesses have had to tailor their marketing strategies into a format that can best resonate with this demographic. The best part of online marketing is that you get tangible results yet it is by its very nature quite cheap. You could use an informational blog, email marketing, online product sales or even chose to advertise using search engines depending on which method suits your company best. A wider reach will lead to your name getting out there even beyond the borders of your own country and into new markets.

Improved customer service

Mobile phones, like the iphone have ushered in the age of openness, accountability and improved customer service by businesses. Businesses have had to increase the number of ways through which prospective customers using their phones can get in touch with them. This can be seen through efforts by business to set up active social media pages, mobile-friendly websites, active email addresses and state of the art call centres to improve customer engagement. Improved customer service results in stronger brand loyalty and increased market share when done right. These improvements eventually result in improved sales.

Revolutionised business systems

The vast majority of businesses e.g. banks, now have an application that enables their customers to do financial transactions without having to physically going to their premises e.g. making cash withdrawals, ordering commodities etc. The advantage of these applications is that they reduce congestion in business establishments which frees up employees to do more productive work.

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