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Winn.AI Goes Out Of Stealth and secures $17 Million Seed Funding for Real-Time AI Sales Assistant

The real-time AI assistant is touted to help sales teams save time on busywork and win more deals.

 August 27, 2022 –  Israeli sales tech start-up, Winn.AI, announced that it has raised $17 million in seed funding from global software investor Insight Partners and Israeli venture capital firm S-Capital.

Founded in November 2021 by sales tech entrepreneur Eldad Postan Koren and cybersecurity expert Bar Haleva, Winn.AI offers a real-time AI assistant that helps sales teams win more deals with less hassle through its innovative real-time tracking, capturing, and CRM updating features. The Winn.AI real-time assistant acts as an extra pair of hands during meetings, giving salespeople the freedom to focus their attention entirely on the customer.

Conventionally, salespeople are responsible for juggling a multitude of tasks during sales calls: following a precise playbook, capturing responses, building rapport, and updating the CRM. For the account executives making the calls, some of these bureaucratic requirements quickly become tedious and overwhelming. Invariably, “data & CRM hygiene” begins to degrade, playbooks get disregarded, and brand voices become muddled. 

Winn.AI relieves salespeople of this administrative busywork so that they can focus on their customers – not their keyboards. Its magic lies in its unique ability to monitor, interpret, and document sales calls. The Winn.AI assistant unobtrusively monitors sales calls and captures key data, so salespeople can easily stay on track without needing to take notes or manually update the CRM. 

For account executives, this means a stronger, more authentic conversation with their prospects with the less administrative hassle. For sales leaders, it means more passionate AEs, stronger brand voices, faster onboarding, and, most importantly – increased sales.

In just nine months, we recruited a world-class team and exceptional investors to solve one of the most recognized problems in the world of sales,” said CEO and Co-founder of Winn.AI, Postan-Koren. “This seed round will allow us to continue improving our deep technology while accelerating our sales and marketing efforts. We are grateful for the investment support from Insight Partners and S-Capital.  

When asked about the motivation for creating a real-time AI assistant targeted at sales teams, Postan-Koren explained: “I have learned first-hand the challenges of leading a sales team. I’d write a playbook but then be forced to chase my team to use it. I wanted to build a tool to cut out the hassle and help salespeople and their leaders win more.”

“Winn.AI’s innovative and intuitive technology has identified a solution that addresses the pain points of
Busy work. By allowing salespeople to focus on making the sale, Winn.AI enables organizations to
Improve performance and increase the quota,” said Hagi Schwartz, Managing Director at Insight Partners.
”We look forward to partnering with the Winn.AI team as they continue to grow and scale up.”

“From an early stage, we realized Winn.AI brings a unique and innovative approach, together with a very strong team, to address core issues in global sales organizations. At a time when companies need to do more with less, Winn.AI makes it possible by reshaping the way sales teams work,”  said Ayala Peterburg, Founder & Managing Partner at S Capital. 

The Winn.AI team is already working on additional features to streamline sales calls with rich, real-time insights that predict – and answer – customers’ questions.

The recent investment will be used to develop, market, and launch the product. Winn.AI is based in Tel Aviv and has 25 employees.,

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