Wink – Video Enhancing Tool APK for Android


Wink is a mobile application designed for video enhancement, bridging the gap between multimedia and social media. With Wink, you can create, edit, and share short videos, utilizing a variety of fun filters, effects, and tools. These features enable you to produce unique videos that will continuously entertain your friends and family.

Wink has rapidly gained popularity among creative young people. Originally from China, this app has now spread across Asian countries and the USA.

Wink’s toolkit, featuring stickers, filters, and effects, offers endless fun for you and your loved ones, no matter where you are.

Recording Short Videos 

Wink lets you record short videos directly within the app, utilizing its built-in camera, which requires access permission.

Filters and Effects 

Wink offers a diverse range of filters and effects to enhance your videos, making them more vibrant and engaging.

Stickers and Emojis 

The app includes a rich library of stickers and emojis that can be easily added to your videos during the editing process.


Music Library 

Wink features an extensive music library with the latest updates, allowing you to add music to your videos with a single click. You can also choose tracks from your device’s storage to use as background music.

Editing Tools

Wink provides a variety of editing tools, including trim, crop, merge, and split. These tools are user-friendly, enabling even beginners to make professional-quality edits to their videos.

Share Your Work

After creating your video, you can share it directly to social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Twitter.

Trending Formats and Videos 

Wink showcases a gallery of popular and trending video formats. You can browse this section to find inspiration and explore trending content created by others.

Follow Other Users 

Users can follow each other on Wink, staying updated with the latest trends and receiving notifications when someone follows them, likes their content, or leaves a comment.

Ideal Portraits 

Wink also offers photo and portrait editing features. It’s perfect for creating new profile pictures, with various enhancing tools to make your portraits stand out. Even if your camera quality is lacking or the background is unappealing, Wink’s options can help improve your images.

Face Retouching 

The app includes face retouching tools to clear your skin and make necessary adjustments, ensuring you look your best in your photos and videos.

Makeup Tools 

In addition to face retouching, Wink offers makeup tools to enhance your appearance. You can add effects like blush, lipstick, and even experiment with different hairstyles.

Quality Improvements 

Wink allows you to enhance the quality of your clips by improving blurred sections and stabilizing shaky footage. This ensures that any device can capture high-quality videos.

Skin Smoothing 

This tool helps conceal spots, pimples, marks, and other imperfections, allowing you to improve your skin tone to your liking. It’s especially useful for users concerned about their appearance in videos, helping them confidently express themselves.

Color Correction 

Wink provides comprehensive color correction tools, including adjustments for brightness, saturation, contrast, and shadow. These features help you fine-tune the visual quality of your videos.

3D Face Slimming 

This feature allows you to contour your face, slim your jawline, and enhance your facial features, making you look more attractive in your videos.

Body Reshape 

Wink offers body reshaping options to achieve your desired look. You can slim your waist, elongate your legs, and adjust your neck length to enhance your overall appearance.


Powered by AI, Wink can automatically generate subtitles for your videos. This feature is highly accurate, saving you the hassle of typing subtitles manually and ensuring accessibility for all viewers.


Originally developed in China, Wink has gained widespread popularity across numerous countries due to its impressive and engaging features. If you’re searching for a versatile app for video editing and creative retouching, Wink Video Retouching Tool is the perfect choice.

Wink offers a unique experience unmatched by other video enhancement apps, with simple yet powerful tools that can transform your clips. Your friends will be astonished by your creations, and with Wink’s expert options, you might even appear as a professional editor.

In summary, Wink stands out as one of the best video editing apps available. It’s especially recommended for young users who enjoy creating fun, short videos. Download Wink and start expressing your creativity today!

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