WiMi sees remarkable achievements in XR application

Extended reality, which refers to the combination of real and virtual by computer to create a virtual environment that supports human-computer interaction. It is also the collective name for a variety of technologies such as AR, VR and MR. After a decade, the public has once again seen the figure of Google AR glasses. According to sources, during the Google I/O annual developer conference, in addition to the AR concept glasses, Google also announced the new ARCore Geospatial API. Based on the new API, developers can create immersive AR experiences in 87 countries or regions around the world without having to be present.

XR regained its former glory


ARCore is an augmented reality platform built by Google, based on different APIs (application programming interfaces) that give phones the ability to sense their environment, understand the world and interact with information. Google says ARCore developers have been looking for scalable, global applications, and the key to building such applications is easy access to 3D models that are always up-to-date, machine-readable and optimized for location, which is now possible with the new APIs.


In fact, it’s not just Google AR glasses that are coming back. If you pay attention to AR market trends, you’ll find that the consumer AR glasses market is particularly lively this year. It is reported that Apple is developing thin and powerful AR glasses (Apple Glass). An Apple AR Glass patent shows that Apple hopes to solve the problem of near-sighted users by equipping wearable devices with vision correction functions. It is foreseeable that as XR devices develop in the direction of miniaturization in the next few years, the patent for Apple AR Glass will become significant and can play a positive role in the promotion of the entire XR market.

WiMi’s XR makes a figure


Mastering the core technology is the same as mastering the future initiative. The technology giants know this way. Google and Apple have been vigorously developing XR technology. At the same time, the world’s leading technology strength, WiMi Hologram Cloud(NASDAQ:WIMI), has also been adhering to R & D and innovation, and continues to break through the core technology. By focusing on enterprise characteristics and development needs, guiding technology research and application scenario expansion, WIMI serves and grows the strength of XR industry with its own strength.


It is understood that with hardcore strength, WIMI taps more XR landing scenarios outside of social entertainment and establishes long-term ecological applications, which will more help the popularity of XR terminals. In recent years, XR has a very large application space in health education, furniture improvement, e-commerce, advertising and marketing, cultural tourism, exhibition and other application scenarios. XR technology can figuratively express abstract concepts and conduct virtual imitation real training learning for high-value equipment that is difficult to operate, and it so happens that WIMI XR technology has also emerged in a lot of landing cases.


In industrial aspects, such as the power grid and some other fields, WIMI applies VR virtual simulation technology to learn the operation of large equipment, which is both safe and efficient. In the field of vehicle, WIMI AR navigation and LIDAR help to land the autonomous driving scenario. In the field of education, the use of AR and VR technology is very useful for knowledge planning, remote coordination teaching, and vivid fun. In the field of cultural tourism, it promotes more diversified art creation and immersive visual experience, which indirectly boosts the development of the cultural tourism industry. In the field of advertising, WIMI AR technology plus marketing traffic solutions, help the brand and partners attract fans.


In addition, with the commercialization of 5G scale landing, the high speed rate, low latency and high reliability supported by 5G technology, WIMI grasps the 5G commercial opportunity to greatly promote the popularity of XR and towards prosperity. Especially in the smart home, smart manufacturing, intelligent transportation, intelligent management, smart city applications at a high rate of development. With the promotion of national 5G-related policies, XR will finally usher in a breakthrough in development, and Micromax Holographic 5G+XR will pry trillion market in various fields. It is not difficult to predict that WIMI, with its quite diversified development in recent years, has been recognized by the industry in culture, advertising, automotive market, etc. It has a broad prospect in the XR field and will open a brand new era.




From the experience of the last decade, XR technology is the central point in the metaverse that will dominate the future of technology. XR will likewise give more possibilities for business activities. For example, NFT digital collections, which can still generate value in the real world. Metaverse and XR hardware will also help each other to form a good cycle. The prosperity of social applications of games related to the metaverse concept will drive the hardware development from the content. On the other hand, the popularity of the consumer side can make the content creator participate in the ecological construction of the metaverse.


The industry believes that whether or not the next decade is the golden decade of XR, the concept of the metaverse is really providing more momentum for the development of the XR industry. XR has begun to penetrate into all walks of life. And both giants and entrepreneurs are setting off a rank war. With the continuous improvement of technology and ecology and richer landing scenarios, it is believed that the XR industry is not too far away from the outbreak, so let’s hope that the real outbreak belonging to the XR industry will come soon.

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