WiMi Hologram Cloud (NASDAQ: WIMI): The Leader Of Web 3.0 Holographic Spatial Internet Technology

The clear separation between the digital and physical worlds is gradually being blurred, and one clear example of this is surgeons’ surgical simulation through holographic anatomical models. 

Manufacturing engineers have significantly improved their work efficiency through the Internet of Things (IoT) and Extended Reality (XR). City managers are also creating complete 3D holographic digital twins to design and improve the planning and operational efficiency of the city. Online malls, through XR technology, allow users to try on and try through the network, improving the user experience. 

WiMi Hologram Cloud, Inc. (NASDAQ: WIMI) has been developing the application of holographic space Internet technology to help customers and the technology companies invested in WiMi Hologram Cloud to continuously optimize and penetrate the holographic space Internet technology in the era of Web 3.0 and to gradually improve people’s lives and improve work efficiency and output.

The application of holographic space Internet technology is still in the initial stage. With the continuous optimization and integration of technology, this will be a disruptive breakthrough in the computer information technology industry. 

Still, network users will not have a deep perception of this change, just like from Web 1.0 to the Web 2.0 era people are now. Technology is gradually being optimized and upgraded, but looking back, people will find this a considerable evolution. 

With the development of Web 3.0 holographic space Internet technology, the boundary between the digital world and the physical world will eventually be eliminated. It is commonly referred to as holographic space. All digital information will be stored in space, integrated and inseparable from the physical world. This is also WiMi Hologram Cloud, Inc.’s technology implementation vision. This vision will be realized through technology upgrading optimization and the technology of joint fusion, such as WiMi often mentioned XR (extended reality) technology, Internet of things (IoT) technology, geographic location and sensors, blockchain and artificial intelligence machine learning (AI / ML) and advanced network (5G / 6G). In these technical fields, WiMi Hologram Cloud, Inc. provides technical layouts, including hardware and software technology.

WiMi Hologram Cloud, Inc. expects that the realization of the holographic space on the internet may need 5 to 10 years. 

Still, WiMi can see that a lot of holographic space Internet technology has been integrated into numerous industries, such as medicine, manufacturing, wisdom city, network mall, and, of course, such as education, geological exploration, games, social, and in various fields. The initial application of holographic space Internet technology in these fields has had significant advantages compared with traditional technologies and has dramatically improved the experience of network users.

Technology convergence is a feature of Web 3.0 holographic space Internet technology. WiMi Hologram Cloud, Inc. has always been based on the development of holographic space Internet technology, and they have obtained more than 600 software patent projects. Among them, 410 software patents are related to holographic space Internet technology, including XR (Extended Reality) technology, Internet of Things (IoT) technology, artificial intelligence machine learning technology (AI / ML), etc. WiMi Hologram Cloud and Inc. have worked in the field of holographic space Internet technology for many years, and have made sufficient technical reserves and commercial applications.

Holographic space Internet technology has inspired many new market opportunities. It can significantly improve digital network interactivity, and enhance the diversification of enterprises and consumer interaction. This technology also creates more opportunities for both enterprises and employees under the backdrop of Web 3.0. 

WiMi seized this opportunity because this coming era will firmly combine the physical and virtual world, and will profoundly impact business and society in the decades to come.

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