Rushing into the AI era: Enterprises layout in metaverse

After the first industrial revolution, humans entered the steam age, after the second industrial revolution, the electrical age, and the Internet age after the third industrial revolution, with the development of artificial intelligence technology, humans have gradually entered the era of artificial intelligence.

It can be said that every technological innovation will promote the development of the world economy, and will also greatly change the way of human life. At present, the industries and products of the intelligent brain, unmanned driving, and 5G AI technologies are surrounded by the public. Artificial intelligence is profoundly changing the way of production and life in the world, and it has become a key technology leading the future development of human society. There is no denying that artificial intelligence is considered to have been a turning point in The Times.

The development of AI

Tracing the Source, Artificial Intelligence, commonly referred to as AI, was first proposed in 1956. It is a new technical science for the research and development, the development of the theory, method, technology, and application systems for the simulation, extension, and expansion of human intelligence. Since the late 1990s, with the gradual popularization of Internet technology, artificial intelligence has ushered in a new period of development. Since 2010, artificial intelligence has opened an explosive development stage. Subsequently, Google, Microsoft, and Amazon have developed Google Brain and real-time interpretation, such as AI technology.

Artificial intelligence has been developed for more than 60 years, and now it has become a strategic technology for a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation. Total revenue for the global AI market, including software, hardware, and services, will grow by 19.6 percent, to $433 billion, and will break through the $500 billion mark in 2023, the international data company (IDC) forecast.

Based on the rapid development of artificial intelligence, and the huge promotion and promotion of the economy, society, and life industries, many countries have increased their investment in the field of artificial intelligence. The United States, China, Europe, Japan, South Korea, and other countries and regions have continuously introduced relevant policies conducive to breaking down industry barriers, promoting the development of technology and application, talent and capital supply, and industry standards. The overall policy environment of global AI will continue to improve, and the policy environment conducive to the rapid development of the AI industry is gradually forming.

WIMI is building a huge ecosystem driven by AI

The development of artificial intelligence presents an unstoppable trend. For enterprises, no one wants to miss this tuyere dividend, quickly landing artificial intelligence technology, so that AI application, scene, and industry are more and more deeply combined.

As a world-renowned technology company, WIMI Hologram Cloud Inc (NASDAQ: WIMI) has been continuously attracting high-end talents in recent years, increasing research and development, consolidating the AI technology base, accurately investing in the AI industry infrastructure construction, and improving the supply capacity of the AI industry. This is the active strategic choice for WIMI, and perhaps also the preferred path for current AI companies.

One key advantage to WIMI from such a path is the lead in technology reserves. At the algorithmic level, the new generation of artificial intelligence technology has given AI algorithms A new role, which is no longer limited to command control, but more image structure and big data analysis. WIMI AI computing has the characteristics of high performance, low power consumption, low latency, can be directly embedded into the terminal equipment, play its best computing power, and ultimately improve the efficiency of the overall platform, and help the industry to greatly reduce the use and optimization threshold of heterogeneous computing. WIMI regularly optimizes and improves the technology, including mastering two core technologies: holographic AI facial recognition technology and holographic AI facial change technology. Based on AI, WIMI can advance to a wide range of application scenarios such as smart homes, commercial buildings, smart retail, autonomous driving, and data centers.

In addition, for WIMI Hologram Cloud, artificial intelligence (AI) is not only the core technology support for digital transformation but also an important “booster” to enable soft power improvement. WIMI AI enables all industries. For example, under the framework of digital transformation fields such as economy and life, create a batch of segments such as manufacturing, trade, education, transportation, sports, and sports demonstration application scenarios of AI + manufacturing, AI + education, AI + technology, AI + transportation, and other fields, forming an important thrust for the digital transformation of artificial intelligence enabling enterprises.

It is worth noting that WIMI has set up the WIMI Academy of Sciences, which can long-term invest in holographic AI vision, explore the unknown technology, and carry out basic science and innovative technology research.WIMI academy of sciences to promote computer science and holographic, quantum computing, and other related fields for the actual industry scene and the frontier research of the world, in the field of artificial intelligence, establish a research cooperation platform, promote major scientific and technological innovation application, build industry, research center depth fusion ecosystem, for the global human science and technology progress.


There is no doubt that the development of global AI technology will bring new industrial opportunities, just as with the widespread popularity and development of the metauniverse concept, human beings build a virtual world parallel to the real world based on the real world began to be formally put on the agenda. Driving by artificial intelligence technology, it is expected that the virtual world is expected to become an important part of human life like the real world in the future. The linkage of the virtual world, real-world and virtual reality will greatly promote the development of artificial technology and the improvement of living standards.

In the next few years or decades, artificial intelligence will become more intelligent, likely to disrupt current perception. The application of artificial intelligence technology will have a profound impact on all walks of life and bring significant structural changes to all industries. As for the Internet alone, some people believe that artificial intelligence will become a brand new entrance to Internet applications and services, which was also evident when the mobile Internet appeared. Mobile provides new access to the Internet, and now artificial intelligence will provide new access further. In short, AI will eventually change the world, lead to the restructuring of the global economy, and this is happening.

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