WiMi empowers AI-driven industry development through 5G

On September 1, 2022, World Artificial Intelligence Conference (hereinafter referred to as “WAIC Conference”) was held at Shanghai World Expo Center. With the theme of “Smart World – No Boundaries in Metaverse”, the conference aims to fully grasp the development trend of AI and metaverse, gather the latest views and achievements of the world AI, and show the beautiful picture of Shanghai’s intelligent era.

WAIC Conference gathers the dynamic energy of innovation and entrepreneurship

It is reported that the WAIC Conference has been successfully held for four years. The overall structure of the conference activities can be summarized as “1+1+2+10+N”, i.e. 1 opening ceremony, 1 closing ceremony, 2 plenary sessions on science and technology innovation and industry development, 10 thematic forums, and N ecological forums. The forum topics show the latest trends in the industry, including AI+ metaverse, generative AI, trusted AI, brain-computer interface, and other current hottest areas of artificial intelligence.

In order to seize the new AI+Metaverse track, a series of AI  technology results debuted. Baidu founder Robin Li said at the opening ceremony that the past year has seen significant progress in the commercial application of AI in autonomous driving and the intelligent transformation of infrastructure. Hu, Huawei’s Chairman-in-Office, emphasized the importance of arithmetic implementation for the development of the AI industry. The next step in AI industry development lies in building and using arithmetic facilities, and continuing to promote arithmetic centers toward a nationwide arithmetic network.

As a cutting-edge strategic technology, artificial intelligence is undoubtedly powerful and revolutionary, with unlimited development prospects. According to the measurement data recently released by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the size of the national AI core industry exceeds 400 billion yuan, the number of enterprises exceeds 3,000, and a complete industry chain covering the basic layer, technology layer, and application layer has been initially formed. From technology research and development to the transformation of results, and then enabling applications, the AI industry is becoming dense and fast, providing strong support for the development of the digital economy.

Recently, the Ministry of Science and Technology and six other departments jointly issued “guidance on accelerating scene innovation to promote high-quality economic development with high-level applications of artificial intelligence”, followed by the Ministry of Science and Technology issued a “notice on supporting the construction of a new generation of artificial intelligence demonstration application scenes”, released the first batch of artificial intelligence demonstration applications of the 10 major scenes. The two policies were released one after another, which shows the importance attached to artificial intelligence.

 WiMi’s 5G empowers AI to seek joint industrial development

Artificial intelligence technology has become a strategic technology leading the new round of technological and industrial revolution. It is reported that WiMi Hologram Cloud (NASDAQ: WIMI), a global high-tech enterprise, takes the initiative to dovetail with the emerging strategic deployment, closely follows the actual situation of its own industry, seizes the major strategic opportunity of the rapid development of artificial intelligence in the post-epidemic era, and continues to strengthen the deployment of the entire industrial chain of research and development of the basic layer, technology layer, and application layer of artificial intelligence. Relying on AI+5G and IoT technology endowment, and taking advantage of rich data resources, extensive application fields, and complete industrial categories, WiMi has promoted AI technology progress and industrial development and steadily promoted the deep integration of AI with the real economy, as well as its application in key technologies, cross-border integration, and commercial fields.

Cellular communications have entered the next phase of development, with the fifth-generation wireless technology improving the speed and responsiveness of wireless networks. The improved performance of 5G wireless connectivity also enables complex computing applications such as artificial intelligence, creating new opportunities for wireless applications. The popularity of 5G wireless networks will encourage AI developers to create new solutions that take advantage of 5G speeds and low latency. Low latency makes 5G networks ideal for applications that benefit from faster response times, such as real-time video that relies on AI to run.

There is no doubt that the combination of 5G and AI is already shaping the future of the wireless ecosystem. WiMi creates a converged industrial ecosystem, provides vertical solutions for 5G+AI, supports the construction and opening of industry datasets, and strengthens the foundation for industrial development. On the one hand, WiMi promotes the landing of empowering applications and the innovative development of AI, especially the integration with the real economy that plays an important role in promoting industrial upgrading and high-quality economic development. On the other hand, WiMi further guides and encourages the platform and ecological open source and open, promotes the R&D of software and hardware, and upstream and downstream linkage of the industrial ecosystem. WiMi actively taps and opens a number of application scenarios, and collaborates with others to create a highland of artificial intelligence innovation and development.

Looking ahead

The development of artificial intelligence has become an important initiative to promote sustained global economic growth, industrial transformation, and upgrading. In the future, with the vigorous promotion of policies, artificial intelligence will accelerate the integration with many fields, promoting the intelligent application process of various industries to accelerate, and the artificial intelligence market will also enter the demand explosion period.

In the future, as the application scenarios of artificial intelligence gradually land, the data in the fields of image, voice, machine vision, and games show explosive growth, but also put forward higher requirements for computing power, making computing technology into a new round of high-speed innovation period. In any case, it is imperative to plan the foundation and industry large model sandbox, tract innovation direction, jointly accelerate the application of AI, promote industrial consortium and accelerate the AI industry application landing.

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