Revolutionizing the Music Industry with Ai Embedded Audiolox Secure Music Application

“Innovation thrills participation;” is the force behind the unprecedented growth of Web3 and blockchain in the shortest of time. The proven use cases of cryptocurrencies, NFTs, DeFi, dApps, and other blockchain technology products and services have attracted broad participation from global users.

These participations have triggered the creation of solution-based projects using blockchain infrastructures to solve problems in various aspects of humanity, like in the games, health, and finance sectors. For example, Audiolox, a Web3 secure music application that combines the attributes of Loxsync’s recent Artificial Intelligence and blockchain technology, seeks to revolutionize and transform the music industry.

Overview of the Audiolox Project

Dubbed the “technology Disrupter,” Audiolox is a decentralized Web3 Secure Music Application developed on Loxsync’s non-binary optic system and blockchain infrastructures. Audiovox is a completely new generation of music applications. The project uses Loxsync technologies’ AI infrastructure, which comprises a neuromorphic AI brain made of nano-optics. This technology allows the AI to connect with its neurological structures and ecosystem to eliminate all forms of data.

With Audiovox, the music industry is entering a new era, as it’s aimed at all levels. It is for song producers, singers/artists, songwriters, and listeners. The platform enables users to stream, download, own, and transfer music between themselves easily, quickly, and securely.

Web3 Secure Music Application provides a decentralized solution to the challenges faced in the music industry due to the limitations of Web2 applications, which are more concerned with convenience than safety. With that in mind, the goal of Audiolox is to integrate the infrastructures of online streaming, transparency, and data security. However, this goal seemed impossible by solely utilizing blockchain technology, given the quality and standard of the expected result. Therefore, Audiolox incorporates blockchain technology and Artificial Intelligence.

About Audiovox Native Token (ALOX)

ALOX is the Audiolox native token that powers its ecosystem. ALOX serves a dual purpose. First, rallying for the last segment of funds for the actualization of the Audiolox Secure Music Platform; second, for in-app purchases, like user subscription, online marketing, token gifting, etc. 

There are a total of 1 billion ALOX tokens in circulation. 7.5% of the total token is for seed raising; 14% for private and 0.9% for the public; 16% for Marketing Maker while Marketing takes 21%; Protocol Incentives gulps 9.1%; 18% allotted for Rewards, 10% for the Team, while 3% goes for Advisors and Strategic.

Features of ALOX

  • Audiolox is a DAO; thus, ALOX holders form an integral part of the DAO’s community, which empowers them to contribute to the growth and development of the platform by making decisions on the best producers and artists.
  • ALOX tokens can be staked in various staking pools on the platform, while rewards will be assigned based on user activity.
  • The ALOX token can be used for multiple in-app purchases and subscriptions.


Optimally customized for the music industry, the developers of Audiolox Secure Music Application are committed to empowering the future of music now. Furthermore, this system, enabled by the twin technologies of blockchain and Loxsync’s nano optic network, will most likely disrupt other industries outside the music industry. For more information on this project, kindly visit the website.

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