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Why You Should Invest in a Log Cabin for Your Garden

Have you always wanted to invest in your garden but are unsure how to do it? Well, the trend right now is buying and installing a log cabin. At first, you might not like this idea. But, many homeowners feel this way and end up loving the idea of having their own log cabin in their back garden. They realise just how many benefits it has compared to other buildings you can install.

So, are you curious and want to know why you should invest in a log cabin? Here are some of the most popular reasons why homeowners are doing this right now.

Use for Anything

First, know that you can use your log cabin for almost anything. You can use it as a private workspace during the day. It can be a retreat during the summer when you want to relax. It can even be used to expand your living space and be a playroom for the kids or a man cave.  Again, it can be used for anything you want.

Compared to other solutions, log cabins are affordable for expanding living space. Think about how much an extension would cost. Well, these are much more affordable and still look amazing. There are many designs available.

Durable for British Weather

We can have glorious summers in the UK. But, we can also have harsh winters with low temperatures and plenty of rain. The weather changes quickly, and you never know what to expect. This is why any outdoor investment you make needs to be durable. This way, you can enjoy using it for many years. 

The good thing about log cabins is that they are sturdy and durable. In particular, they are built for many types of environments, which means they can withstand British weather. For example, 1st Choice Leisure Buildings use high-quality logs in order to construct their garden log cabins. This is combined with other premium materials to ensure your investment lasts a long time. Therefore, you can have peace of mind and know that it will be durable enough for the UK.

No Planning Permission

One of the big things that put people off extending their living space is the planning permission you need. In other words, you have to apply to the local council and inform them of what work you plan to do. You have to include details descriptions and it can take months to hear anything back. Then, neighbours can be asked about their input and the council can decide whether your plans can go ahead. The whole process can be long and tedious. Plus, there is no guarantee that they will be approved.

This is one of the benefits of a log cabin. Often, they do not need planning permission, which can save you a lot of headaches. Many are designed to fit the measurements and as long as your garden also complies, you do not have to inform the council or neighbours of what you are doing. Just ensure that you double-check the rules in your local area so that there is no trouble later on.

You Choose the Size

You can use a log cabin for a variety of activities. Perhaps you want to work from home in your own space. It can also be a peaceful getaway during the day when you need to relax and enjoy some quiet time. This is why people love them for their gardens; they have a variety of uses. In particular, you can choose the size you want for your property and your needs, from small and modest designs to larger and more spacious log cabins. You can choose what you want.

Therefore, you get a lot of choices when it comes to sizing. You can be in control of what size you buy, ensuring that you do not need planning permission. If you are choosing a larger design, ensure you know the rules, as we have already mentioned.

A Variety of Designs

When you imagine a log cabin in your head, you probably think of a square building with a dark wood roof and log construction. In particular, it is surrounded by trees in the middle of the woods. Indeed, this is often what they have shown in movies over the years. There is now so much more to log cabins, and the designs are modern and aesthetically pleasing. In reality, you can get a log cabin that matches your home.

This is another reason why you should invest in a log cabin. There are various designs available with someone everyone will love. From blue or grey designs to traditional timber and pent roofs, you can decide exactly what you want your garden building to look like. There has never been so much choice.

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