Why We Cannot Wait Any Longer To Upgrade To Ffp2 Masks

There seems to be no end to the ever-rising cases of COVID-19, and the arrival of the Omicron variant has only served to remind us of the need to always mask up. And speaking of masks, the best protection comes from top-grade face-coverings that filter up to 90% of particles in the air. During the early days of the pandemic, it was suggested by several governments to wear any kind of mask. Back then, the shortage for these PPEs was alarming and the few available once were being competed for by the members of the public and medical personnel who were at the forefront of the fight against covid-19. But it has since emerged that cloth masks do not sufficiently protect people against coronavirus. Fortunately, more better-quality masks like ffp2 maske schwarz are now easily available and are affordable too. In this article, we explain why there is an urgent need to upgrade to masks such as schwarze ffp2 maske.

Understanding how an FFP2 Mask Works

FFP2 masks have many features designed for protecting you from airborne diseases. One of these is the polypropylene filter layer. This is a special type of plastic that enables it to trap even incredibly fine particles. Because of this additional layer that ffp2 maske schwarz has, a wearer is guaranteed the best protection against covid-19. The polypropylene layer is what makes ffp2 masks much better than surgical masks.

CDC recommends that we wear a mask at all times that we are outdoors where we are likely to be in the company of other people. In case your mask is fabric-based, it must be multi-layered, comes with a wide and adjustable nose bridge, and fits tightly. Also, CDC suggests layering masks. One way to layer your mask is by putting on a disposable mask on top of a cloth mask. But there is no denying that some mask types are better at protecting you against covid-19 than others. 

And if you want complete protection, you have to wear the right type of mask. In the US, the N95 variety is the gold standard same to the KN95 which is for the Chinese. In Europe, the certified masks that guarantee the best protection are the filtering face-piece range of masks. FFP2 maske schwarz is an example of the high-performing masks that are recommended by top doctors in Europe.

If for some reason, you cannot access these masks, double-masking is the next best thing that you should be thinking of. This is when you wear a multi-layered fabric mask atop a surgical mask. Surgical masks are made using polypropylene material. It contains electrostatic charges that can trap even the finest particles, for example, viruses.

Coronavirus is quickly mutating and comes in different deadly forms. For example, the Omicron variant proved to be the most transmissible yet, and in light of these changing forms of the virus, merely wearing cloth or surgical face masks will fall short of protecting you.

The body that certifies N95 masks is called NIOSH, which is an abbreviation for the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health. N95 masks are known for their thick fibers that just exceed those used in surgical masks. Features like tighter mesh and electrostatic charge make them incredibly effective at trapping particles in the air. Also, these fibers protect you from inhaling viral particles that could cause diseases. The masks have a high filtration efficiency of 95%.

While wearing any mask is better than none at all, surgical and cloth masks will not give you the same level of protection as ffp2 maske schwarz. These masks contain overlapping layers of materials and minimize droplets entering or escaping the mask because they are super-tight. The good news is that these masks are also available for children, so you can give your kids better protection by upgrading their face coverings. If not, you can buy them disposable surgical masks.

Fit is critical

Another thing that is just as important as the quality of the mask you choose is the fit. That’s because, even if you have the most expensive N95 mask, it won’t be of much use if the air is allowed to escape or enter it via the nose or the sides. The only way that air should get into or outside the mask is when you breathe through it.

Scientists may be still learning as much info about Covid-19 as possible, but it is clear now that the rate at which the omicron variant spreads is unlike anything ever seen. People have an incredibly high chance of catching it when exposed. It makes the need to upgrade to better quality masks even more urgent.

How does an FFP2 Maske Schwarz protect you Against COVID-19?

Larger droplets harboring the virus will fall to the ground faster. But the smaller ones will remain suspended in the air for some time, and can easily slip through gaps in the mask. The three things you need to give the utmost prominence when choosing a face mask are comfort, fit, and filtration efficiency.

By filtration efficiency, FFP2, N95, and KN95 are the best. They are way better than surgical or cloth masks. But their main problem is that they lack comfort. It is up to you to choose which one you give importance between comfort and protection. Most people believed that surgical and fabric masks could help protect wearers against contracting covid-19. And while they offer protection to some extent, they fall far short of guaranteeing you maximum safety from coronavirus.


With the coronavirus containing to mutate into other deadlier strains, the need to upgrade to better quality face masks cannot be more urgent. Earlier on, fabric and surgical masks may have protected us but with fast-spreading variants emerging, they can no longer be relied upon to provide protection.

Indeed, the high-end maske like schwarze ffp2 mask are not very good when it comes to comfort. However, they have a high filtration rate of as much as 95%. You are much safer when you wear these masks than the alternative cloth and surgical masks.

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