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Why Robin Hood Camp is Considered the Most Culturally Diverse Children’s Summer Camp in the World

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If you visit most summer camps, you are likely to find that a majority of the campers you meet are from nearby the camp’s geographical location. Robin Hood Camp in Maine, though, is an exception to this rule. Last summer, the camp welcomed campers from over 25 different countries. According to the son of the camp’s founder and its current owner Rick Littlefield, this diversity is a big part of what makes it so unique. 

“I think that there is an immense amount of value to be gained from introducing children to other cultures at a young age,” Rick says. “And that’s one of the main reasons why many parents choose to send their children to Robin Hood Camp. We have amazing activities and a gorgeous location. But so do a lot of camps. Not many camps can say that they attract campers from literally all over the world, though.”

Over a lifetime of both attending and running Robin Hood Camp including all of its activities, Rick Littlefield has seen first-hand how much of an impact the camp’s diversity can have on young minds. According to Rick, watching young children experience a multicultural environment for, in many cases, the first time is part of what makes running the camp so enjoyable. 

“It’s amazing to see young kids getting to meet and interact with children who come from worlds they can only imagine,” Rick says. “They are always so curious and full of questions. Coming to a place where they get to meet people their age from all over the globe is really an eye-opening experience for many of our campers.”

While the camp’s stellar reputation and world-class activities play a major role in attracting campers from across the map, Robin Hood Camp and its level of diversity is something that Rick Littlefield actively works to achieve. In fact, he himself has visited over 40 countries in order to interview potential campers. 

“We are pretty selective when it comes to admissions standards and policies,” Rick says. “I take the time to personally interview every single camper we consider. Since we’re committed to creating a multicultural camp with campers from dozens of different countries, that adds up to quite a bit of travel. The end result is always worth it, though. And, to be honest, I get quite a bit of enjoyment traveling to all these places and meeting with some of the brightest young minds that the world has to offer.”

By actively recruiting campers from far beyond the camp’s geographical footprint, Rick Littlefield hopes to provide campers with the opportunity to see the world through a wider prism. This unique approach to running a summer camp has made Robin Hood Camp one of the most culturally diverse summer camps in the world. According to Rick Littlefield, achieving this level of diversity has been his proudest accomplishment over the past 45 years of running Robin Hood Camp and all of its extra fun activities.   

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