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Why resurface the pool area with rubber material?

Pool rubber paving

Designing a safe pool area could be challenging, no matter if it’s a private pool in your backyard or a public space in a commercial establishment. Whether you’re building a new deck or renovating a weathered area, the chosen surface material should outshine the competitors with its feature to increase safety and elevate the looks. Here, you will find answers to the most popular questions surrounding rubber pool deck resurfacing.

Reasons to choose rubber surfacing for the pool area?

Rubber is the ultimate solution for inside and outside use, with many advantages and game-changing features to make the pool area safer. Here are six main reasons why one should use rubber surfacing:

1.   Eco-friendly solution

Unlike wood, rubber is a more durable, crack- and weather-resistant option. High-quality rubber coating made from recycled materials is a sustainable way to support the environment.

2.   Increases safety

The key feature that makes rubber the number one choice for a pool deck or playground is the sleep-resistance. You increase the safety of the pool area by choosing rubber coating that falls, slips, and other traumatic accidents in your establishment. Even if someone falls, they won’t be hurt due to the rubber’s softness bouncing effect.

3.   Low maintenance required

The rubber doesn’t have a heavy texture, preventing dirt and debris build-ups. The only maintenance you need is regular sweeping, moping, and cleaning with soapy water to keep the brand-new look. Unlike wood, there is no need to treat rubber from pets or cover it with an anti-slippery product like vinyl.

4.   Custom design options

The common misunderstanding is that rubber kills the design plans. With modern manufacturing, you can choose neutral colors to match the exterior. The rubber allows the creation of custom designs with brand logos, markings, and more.

5.   Perfect for resurfacing purposes

Ruber’s flexibility and installation process can cover any surface, and it seamlessly sticks to concrete, asphalt, or tiles.

6.   Temperature control

The rubber is the perfect option for an outdoor deck in the summer, as it doesn’t heat up like other materials, protecting your feet from walking to the swimming pool. Overall. The rubber coating is the most convenient solution for kids-friendly facilities and home pools.

Is rubber material durable?

Rubber is proven to be one of the most durable and reliable options for outdoors surfacing. The rubber pool deck will last over 15 years with proper maintenance. The material is not affected by low temperatures and severe weather conditions. The rubber’s flexibility and structure are resistant to cracks and can adjust to any previous surface. Rubber pool deck surfacing is a reliable, long-lasting investment for private use and public or commercial areas.

Is rubber surfacing expensive?

Rubber is a budget-friendly solution from the main and popular options like wood or concrete. The material longevity and low-maintain requirements make it a cost-efficient investment in the long run. Price-wise, the cost and the installation services fees depend on your location and the company you hire. On average, expect to pay $16 per sq ft.

Wrapping up

The rubber coating solution can elevate your deck in design, safety, and durability. The cost-to-value ratio makes rubber surfacing the most convenient option for any private or commercial area. Choose a professional team, like Safestep, for the installation process to give your pool deck a makeover.

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