Maurice Herlihy, Piper Moretti, and Shingo Lavine Join Block66’s Advisory Board

NEW YORK (July 12, 2018)Block66the new blockchain-powered platform that’s mitigating mortgage fraud—today announced that Maurice Herlihy, Piper Moretti, and Shingo Lavine are joining the company’s advisory board.

Maurice Herlihy has a PhD in computer science from MIT and will vet the technology aspects of Block66’s platform to ensure its long-term viability in the real estate industry. As a founder and professor of distributed computing, Herlihy wants to increase awareness and implementation of blockchain in every industry.

“I believe that blockchain can change many industries, and I focus on encouraging the mainstream adoption of the technology,” said Herlihy. “For the real estate industry, I see Block66 as the necessary infrastructure to encourage that mass adoption of blockchain.”  

Piper Moretti, the CEO of Crypto Realty Group, is aligned with Herlihy’s opinion and specializes in conducting real estate transactions with cryptocurrency. As the only realtor to conduct five Bitcoin transactions in real estate, she wants a future where industry transactions are efficient and transparent through the use of blockchain technology.

“The Block66 platform is different because it isn’t just another purchase and rental platform, which currently requires 100% crypto upfront to buy a home,” said Moretti. “That kind of model leaves out 90% of the market, but Block66 will be able to change that.”

Shingo Lavine also focuses on the real world adoption of cryptocurrencies and how Block66 can facilitate that. As the founder and CEO of Ethos, a financial services ecosystem offering banking, brokerage, and wealth management for cryptocurrencies. Lavine seeks to increase the implementation of decentralized technologies and wants to incorporate transparency and low fees along the way.

“Block66 is entering a market that has not seen any significant innovations in several decades, making it ripe for disintermediation. Block66 is taking a unique approach that will hopefully prove successful,” said Lavine.  

The addition of these three advisors comes before Block66’s Token Generation Event (TGE), which will be in the first week of August. To join their whitelist, go to for more information.

About Block66

Founded in 2018, Block66 is a solution disrupting the mortgage industry. Block66 improves mortgage cost, efficiency, and transparency, and creates new opportunities for borrowers and lenders alike. The Block66 platform uproots the entire mortgage industry, replacing it with the loan ecosystem of tomorrow.

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