Why Marketing Ecommerce Through Instagram Is The Best Way To Grow Sales?


Ecommerce has grown a lot with social media. One of the best examples is Instagram. There are several reasons behind the same. And in 2020, you can also do the same. 

If your marketing campaign is good enough, then you will feel your account is growing in numbers of likes and comments. These signs of higher engagement will help customers in making informed decisions. Along with this, there are some other reasons too, which can help you with your business. 

Why Instagram is great for your eCommerce platform

If you are marketing eCommerce such as your Amazon store through Instagram, then this how the social media platform will help:

1) Even small businesses have become big and their presence is now wide, because Instagram can be used to reach millions of people with just a few clicks. 

There are some stats which tell us that there are more than 1 billion monthly users of the platform, and the number is just going to rise in the upcoming years!

So, such a humungous user base can assist you and your products in reaching out to a lot of potential customers. And not just that, but it will provide you a good exposure. 

2) Instagram is also good for increasing your sales, as it is easy to use. Like, there are some known steps such as creating a business profile and then applying all the branding strategies precisely, for getting good results. 

And once you are done with those steps, you just have to post content on a regular basis and use hashtags for spreading the message. Proper branding strategies make sure that your message reaches out to your audience, exactly in the way you would want it to. 

If your content is good, and if you take care of the metrics and engagement, then it’s likely that you will get a dozen of likes with it. That will further help you getting more revenue. 

3) Adding to the previous point, now that you posted high-quality content, it will also be necessary to promote it. 

Promotion on Instagram like paid advertising and stuff doesn’t cost much. So, even here, you get high chances of marketing your online shop quite easily. 

Sometimes we get to see that new businesses or small businesses do not have that much money for advertising through banners and print media. And without advertising or promotion, it doesn’t really work.  

In 2020, advertising and marketing have become affordable due to the presence of social media sites such as Instagram. That’s also the reason why, most people are operating from the platform and expanding their business!

While you don’t feel experienced enough to start the paid campaign for likes by yourself, you can always turn to FriendlyLikes or start it directly by following this link: And if your paid advertising campaign goes well, then definitely you receive a lot of organic likes and strengthen your position in the market as well as industry with it.

Keeping all this mind, it shouldn’t be very difficult for you to promote your eCommerce through the platform!

4) Another noteworthy thing is the presence of thousands of influencers and marketers on the platform. 

For bloggers, authors and influencers, Instagram has turned out to be a great career choice. They spend a lot of time on the platform, mastering content, hashtags and all the factors which help them in growing likes and popularity more and more. 

An online store such as yours, can be promoted across the platform with the help of any of those influencers and marketers! They are skilled and their online presence is also a lot. So, if they promote your products and services, your sales will increase! And jot just sales, but they can also help you in building your profile on the platform, and gaining a lot of Instagram likes. 

So, that’s another reason why marketing eCommerce with Instagram is the best way to grow sales!

5) The last point is about customer service and feedback. 

A platform such as Instagram, makes it easy for the brand to interact with their existing as well as prospective customers on a regular basis. 

So, that would improve your communication with them and you can ask them for feedback. In that way, even if a customer is not satisfied by something, you can help him out with your service. Once he is happy, it’s certain that he would like your content and even recommend your products to other. 

That will help your online shop in growing and attracting more customers!

Online stores work well in terms and reviews and stuff. But it’s not possible to reply to all the comments and therefore, Instagram can be a great solution. It can also help in conversing with the customers and knowing more about their problems. And if you know your audience and their problems at length, then you will get an insight of its solution too, which will be good for your brand!

All these points are important. But so is the importance of Instagram likes. 

It’s possible that your marketing campaign works but you fail to make sales, due to lack of social proof. In such a case, you do have an option of purchasing likes. 

People now in 2020, do that more than often as it can be helpful. For new visitors, you need to have some sort of public approval and social proof. Only then, they would trust your brand and products. 

Hence, a lot of likes become essential. Organic methods are useful in growing your page, but then the trend has been of buying likes, lately. 

You can give it a shot. However, it’s essential to spend money over quality, as low-quality stuff can harm your profile. And that’s why it’s suggested to go with a trustworthy seller in the market. By doing so, you would decrease the risks of getting harmed. 

In conclusion, a good Instagram page can actually help in marketing eCommerce and growing your sales. 

Mostly all the brands are using Instagram for their growth and they do so, with various methods. But your profile should be good enough and your content should be engaging for all the viewers. Only then, they would visit your online store and buy stuff!

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