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Why isn’t the water draining from my dishwasher?


If your dishwasher is not draining, there can be many problems. The dishwasher won’t be able to perform its function, and your home could also suffer from water damage. If you constantly deal with a faulty dishwasher, it can also wreak havoc on your routine. We will take a look at some typical causes of this problem and how to fix them.

If you’re experiencing a problem like this, we hope this article is helpful to you. And if you need to call in a professional, remember that expert Toronto dishwasher repair is just one quick call away. 

In this article, let’s look at the most common problems with Whirlpool dishwasher appliances.

Why a Whirlpool Dishwasher Isn’t Draining

When the water in your Whirlpool doesn’t drain correctly, there are a number of possible issues. Be on the lookout for these typical drainage issues!

Drain Hose Blockage

An obstructed drain pipe is one of the most typical reasons. Over time, this hose may accumulate food scraps, grease, and other dirt. If this occurs, water may not be able to pass through the hose and into the drain.

You must remove the drain hose from the appliance and scrub it with a brush to unclog it. A new drain pipe will probably be required if you are unable to remove the obstruction. We strongly advise using expert assistance for drain clogs because of how challenging this procedure is.

Dishwasher filter clog

A clogged Whirlpool dishwasher filter is another typical source of this problem. Food particles and other debris are trapped in the filter. The filter can become clogged and stop letting water through. It is usually located behind the sprinkler lever at the base of the, and also to remove it, you must turn it counterclockwise.

Remove the clogged dishwasher filter from the appliance and run it under warm water, soaking it, if necessary, to clean it. You can then remove the plaque on the filter with a soft-bristle brush. Rinse the filter again before replacing it.

Dishwasher drain valve is broken

The drain valve on your dishwasher may not function correctly if damaged. It controls the opening and also shutting of the drainage system, and can be found at the bottom of the appliance.

This valve’s malfunction or damage might lead to water backing up into the. If the drain valve is broken, you will need to replace it; this is most likely a task for a professional dishwasher technician.

Insufficient Garbage Disposal

Because they share a drain, clogged trash disposal might prevent water from draining from your dishwasher effectively. Food scraps and other trash are ground up by the garbage disposal so they may be flushed down the drain.

Your Whirlpool dishwasher may experience a water backup if the garbage disposal is clogged. The waste disposal must be unblocked, and its installation must be done correctly.

Uneven position of the dishwasher

It is possible that your Whirlpool dishwasher will not drain completely if it is not level. For the drain system to work properly, the dishwasher must be level. By opening the door and looking at the base, you can also determine the level of the dishwasher. The base should be level with the ground. If it is not, you need to adjust the feet until it is level.


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