Why Does The Door In The Asko Dishwasher Not Close, And What To Do?

There are a number of parts that might be the problem if your dishwasher door won’t shut. You must first make sure there isn’t a straightforward explanation, such as the door slamming against the kitchen cabinet. The door latch, door strike, and door handle need to be checked next. The door hinges, cables, pulleys, springs, or tension cords that aid in opening and closing the door must be examined if one of these parts is not broken. In any case, calling the Brampton dishwasher repair master is the best solution. There can be many reasons that lead to the fact that the door does not want to close. So you have to deal with all of them one by one.

Reasons why the dishwasher door stopped closing

Users often encounter this problem due to improper use of the equipment or improper installation. If this problem is observed at the first startup after purchase, it may indicate a factory defect. This problem is the easiest to solve, as it is enough to contact the seller or the manufacturer’s service center, where they should immediately replace the device.

If the dishwasher has been working for a certain period of time but suddenly stops closing normally, it may indicate the following problems:

  • A tray designed to accommodate cutlery or dishes are not placed inside correctly, which leads to the fact that the door cannot close;
  • The incorrect position of the equipment has led to a distortion of the door and a change in level, which makes it impossible to close the device;
  • The perimeter of the sash itself has completely deformed the rubber for the seal, which does not allow it to fit tightly enough to the surface of the body itself;
  • The control module or the closing lock itself is out of order;
  • There is a loose fit around the perimeter of the door due to spring tension or even a broken cable.

If at least one of the above problems is observed, it is strictly forbidden to use the dishwasher.

The door has stopped closing: what to do?

Depending on what the problem is that has caused the dishwasher door to stop closing properly, the further action of the person depends.

If the dirty dishes inside the device are not placed correctly, then it is quite simple to solve the problem, as you just need to move the dishes from one place inside to another. It is also very important to check the guide rollers, which may shift from their normal position. In order for the door to close properly, their improper positioning can also cause the door to fail to close.

The unit’s position can also be a reason, so it is recommended that you check that it is positioned correctly with a special level. If the equipment is positioned at an angle, it is imperative to correct it. This will cause the door to first fall into place and then close. It is important to make sure that the unit rests completely on all four legs. If there is a need to level the position, you often have to unscrew them. And even if visually it seems that the device is standing level, vibration during operation may indicate the presence of irregularities.

Also on the cover, it is worth inspecting the rubber seal. Under the influence of various factors, it can shrink, stretch or even crack. In the case of deformation, it is necessary to take care of urgent replacement of the cuff. This process can be carried out either by yourself or by contacting a specialist.


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