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Why is This VoIP the Best Fit for Your Home Office?

VoIP services have become the most significant facet of any corporation or industry. The entire backbone of modern communications relies on VoIP, and this dependence is only growing in a post-pandemic world. Today, the concept of home offices has become ubiquitous in most households. This trend will only increase, but without the constant support of VoIP, most will eventually fail.

The benefits of VoIP in business are numerous and reported all over the internet. It isn’t news to anyone. But when setting up a home office, VoIP is often the last point on the agenda for most people. It is just as easily ignored and only thought of when a dire need to communicate presents itself.

The Rise of Home Offices

A small but decked-out office setup in the house is a fantasy most people have of fulfilling someday. These dedicated rooms are often seen in movies where the protagonist usually has a serious meeting with the head of a cartel. Or, in other cases, these rooms are portrayed as man-caves for the working professional. Despite their portrayal, home offices have stood the test of time and to this day remain one of the most sought-after features in a house

Most millennials know the draw a home office has on them. It is because these personalized environments cater to our inner child (despite their intended use). We’ve dreamt of working from home on the weekends or inviting an important client over to discuss business prospects, or having your tax work done by an auditor in a dedicated room in the house. The comfortable couch, the big wooden desk, and the imposing office chair in a room with bookshelf walls are all part of the picture. What no one foresaw was the shift in working environments after a global pandemic.

During the pandemic, most offices shifted to a remote working setup, and for most companies, this trend hasn’t waned. Some companies have even set up hybrid environments to free up office space and reduce foot traffic in buildings and during office hours. Home offices thus became a reality for many folks.

How Does VoIP Fit In?

In the ideal home office setup, what most people fail to imagine is a VoIP-enabled phone or any communications device. It is because we would like to imagine our home office as a safe space away from other trivial matters and not a work-focused room. And in today’s heavily-digitalized world, every home office benefits from a reliable and stable VoIP connection.

The VoIP for Every Home Office

Let’s be real for a moment. With inflation rates soaring globally and costs of living dangerously high, even remote workers need price cuts in the services they require. And since home office phone solutions are practically a must-have, pick the one that provides the right combination of affordability and great service. Axvoice is then the best VoIP phone service for small businesses.

Axvoice is a veteran in the VoIP industry and has been a long-standing part of every home and office connectivity solution. The company caters globally, too, so you won’t have to restrict your approach to local vendors either and with their stellar price and performance, they’re the brand to beat in the segment. 

Axvoice Features

Axvoice is comfortably familiar to anyone who has used VoIP connections in the past. It has all the basics you would want in the best VoIP phone service for small businesses and home offices. The company claims to have more than 30 features to its credit, and they’re not wrong. While most service providers are quick to push every feature in their package, Axvoice is deliberate in choice.

Axvoice has caller ID blocking, which is a staple among VoIP providers, a voicemail system, call forwarding, call log management, a failover system, do not disturb mode, and an online account management portal. Looks good so far. You can set up distinct ringtones for individual callers, have a call filter, and turn on anonymous call rejection or call waiting. The VoIP can even blacklist specific numbers from calling your line.

One of the most underrated features of Axvoice is its ability to dial multiple formats of the same number. Most VoIP service providers only correctly connect calls if the correct digit format is entered. Some require seven digits, others ten and eleven. Axvoice can manage all three and provides users with an easy dialing experience without the fuss about the area or country codes. It can even block international numbers, provide custom music when a call is placed on hold and can also have multiple alternate caller IDs.

The features that may attract customers to Axvoice would be the free calls you can place to other Axvoice users, have Axvoice setup on existing unlocked VoIP hardware, and softphone support, although you would need to set that up on your smartphone. This feature can redirect calls to your phone, tablet, or computer. From the looks of it, Axvoice doesn’t waste time and effort on developing features that are fluff and unnecessary.

Axvoice Plans

The Axvoice VoIP phone service for home and office has three distinct plans for residential, business, and international deployment. Perhaps the plans interesting most home office owners would be the first two, as their features and pricing are comparable.

Plan 1: USA/Canada Unlimited

This plan costs $8.25/month and has unlimited calls to all numbers in the US and Canada. Customers also get free hardware to set up Axvoice.

Plan 2: US/Canada 200

This plan costs $5.99/month and has 200 minutes on any number in the US and Canada. Incoming calls are free as well, and customers get free hardware.

Plan 3: Pay as You Go

This plan costs $4.99/month and is billed 1.5c/minute to all numbers in the US and Canada, with free incoming calls. Hardware is included in this plan too.

The business plans are divided into two categories:

Plan 1: Small Business Plan

This plan costs $29.99/month and offers 1500 minutes to all numbers in the US and Canada. It has voicemail support, an online account management portal, and all of the extra 30+ features.

Plan 2: Home Office Plan

This plan costs $14.99/month and offers 200 minutes to any number in the US and Canada. Users can get Caller ID support, call forwarding, and conference calling in this bundle.

We recommend new buyers try the home office plan, as it is the most cost-effective and gets you all the features you’d want in a VoIP service. Other plans to meet your specific geographical and usage requirements also exist on the Axvoice website.

As far as the performance is considered, Axvoice is no different from any of the other offerings in the market despite the heavy price tags they command. Axvoice also bundles its free hardware with most plans, which can save costs that would be otherwise spent on purchasing an unlocked VoIP-enabled device. Or worse, using your phone. Our recommendation is clear as Axvoice fights for its place as the best VoIP phone service in 2022. With such low starting prices and an abundance of features, you cannot go wrong choosing this option from the rest.

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