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Best VOIP Apps for Cheaper Business Communications


VoIP ( Voice over Internet Protocol) aka Internet Calling is an affordable and effective way of making free phone calls over the internet. The VoIP app would allow you to make calls, send text messages, images, recorded messages and do a host of other tasks by making use of the Voice over Internet Protocol technology. Most VoIP apps come with a few free services that can be seamlessly integrated with your phone, tablet or PC for ease of use.

Advantages of VoIP apps.

VoIP comes with plenty of advantages over the traditional telephones.

  • The major reason why more and more people are using this technology is because of the cost. VoIP allows the businesses to drastically reduce their communication cost and adds tons of features to enhance communication between the employees, customers and suppliers.
  • They can be set up anywhere, whether in your office for a conference with your colleagues, in the home or even on the go.
  • It is a very effective mode of communication which doesn’t require you to have a SIM card or credit on your phone. While some VoIP apps are created for casual communications, some are ideal for conferencing with loads of people.
  • Most VoIP applications can be used for free. All you need is a good internet connection and you are all set to make free voice and video calls all around the globe. It also allows you to share files and screen shots for easier and faster business communications. This can be helpful when contacting suppliers, helping provide after sales service or communicating with other members of staff in different sores and offices.
  • Some companies have cut down on their international communication cost by over 90% by switching over to VoIP.

Let us now take a look at some of the best VoIP apps you can download and use:

Best VoIP Apps for businesses

1) Skype

Surely one of the best VoIP apps in the market, Skype comes with refined codecs for making good quality voice and video calls. If you have a strong internet connection there’s not the slightest possibility of blurred image or breaking audio. It can be used in a conference with up to 25 participants. For just $13.99 per month you will get an unlimited world plan which would allow you to make endless calls to any part of the globe. One downside to Skype that when conference with a medium or large group it uses a lot of bandwidth so without a good internet connection on the host account the call my suffer from dropped communications and video and voice.

2) Google Hangouts

The best Android VoIP application so far, Google Hangouts would allow you to communicate with lots of people across a number of devices. Even people who don’t have an account on Google or the application installed on their phone can be invited to join a conference. All you require is a web browser along with a working link to the invitee’s Hangout. Therefore Google Hangouts is compatible with multiple operating systems and devices making it really easy for companies to communicate with their clients/customers. Hangouts is very stable when sharing you screen on calls with medium and even large groups of people this makes it great for a group of people working on a project together from many different locations.

3) Facebook Messenger

The Messenger application of Facebook is yet another outstanding VoIP app which one needs to keep on hand. However, the quality of the call is not as good as offered by Hangout or Skype. Facebook messenger makes up for the quality of call with its incredible reach. It would allow you to communicate with all your page followers in a more intimate way like never before, you can easily offer updates to you most valued customers and give them extra information about special in store offers from your companies Facebook account.

4) Viber

One of the oldest players in the field of VoIP apps Viber for Android still remains one of the best options for making calls over the internet. Its service has greatly improved since its early days and now Viber has come up as a full-fledged chatting app which also lets you make phone calls and video calls. You can go for public chats, attach files and even delete the messages which have been sent. The tons of smart features along with the cross platform support has made it one of the best VoIP apps of our times.

5) Signal Private Messenger

The strongest feature of this up and coming VoIP application is its emphasis on privacy. It allows you make calls and send text messages to other Signal users for free. Although not as feature heavy as the other VoIP apps in our list, Signal can be integrated directly with your phone number and address book. This open source app can be used by anyone who needs better security.

Wrapping it up

VoIP apps are absolutely indispensable in 2017 and you will hardly find any internet user who is not yet acquainted with one or more of these apps.

Even if your business isn’t using e-commerce having access to a VoIP service will give you a cheap way to follow up new business leads. Communicate with colleagues from around the world and contact suppliers with new orders, product information and feedback.

While some VoIP apps are good for casual conversations, some are good for conferencing with people. In our list of best VoIP app we have only included the ones which are good for effective business communication. Tell us about your experience with VoIP apps and suggest which ones are your favourites in the comment section.

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