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Why is the Yoga best to Start Your Day


Yoga, in all its forms, has been around since ancient times, with some of the earliest forms being traced back to India thousands of years ago. While it has typically associated with spiritual, healing and meditative practices, yoga can also serve as an amazing form of exercise that will leave you feeling relaxed and energized simultaneously. Therefore, if you are tired of your regular routine at the gym and are looking for something new to try, then yoga might be just what you are looking for! Here is why Yoga in Gent can help you start your day off right and feel more relaxed than ever before!

5 things you need to know about yoga


Yoga has benefits such as improving strength, flexibility, and balance. It also relieves stress, decreases anxiety and helps with sleep disorders. All of these benefits are available at Yoga in Gent, so it’s best way to start your day! Yoga will help you achieve your goals physically and mentally. There are many different types of yoga out there; some that focus on an area of pain or injury for rehabilitation or yoga for kids if you are not sure about joining an adult class yet. Whatever your need may be – Yoga in Gent has a place for you! Try it and feel how much better your day is after one yoga session. The biggest mistake people make when trying yoga for the first time is thinking that they do not have enough time for it. The truth is, 30 minutes before breakfast can make all the difference to your day!

Here are five reasons why you should join Yoga in Gent:

  • You will see improvement in flexibility, strength and balance.
  • You will get a break from work related stress by doing something very new each week.
  • You’ll decrease anxiety and reap the rewards of deep breathing techniques taught by trained instructors
  • You’ll find relief from sleepless nights with restorative postures
  • Anyone can do it!

How yoga makes you more productive

Yoga improves your fitness and flexibility and enhances your mental state. It helps you reduce stress and rejuvenate, which means you will feel more balanced; less frustrated, and be more effective at work or home. In addition, it will likely even make you happier! Studies have shown that practicing yoga also reduces inflammation by as much as 30%, which can help protect against chronic diseases like cancer or asthma. So not only does yoga make you more productive during the day, but it has numerous benefits for your well-being in the end.

The best part about all of this?

You do not need a ton of time to practice; just 20 minutes per day is enough to get started. With an amazing studio right in Ghent, called Zaalawiktegouw, you will never have an excuse not to try it out. When I walked into their open space studio, I was welcomed with soothing tunes and colorful art. There were cushions for us to lay on, bean bags for when we wanted to relax in savasana, and a variety of mats for use during our practice. And because it’s located near the city Centre, parking is free after 6pm so you won’t have any worries when heading over after work (unless there’s snow).

Where you can find yoga classes near you

A day full of meetings and errands can lead you to feeling exhausted, unfocused, and uninspired. If this sounds like you, then let us introduce you to yoga! Ghent has a variety of different studios that offer some form of yoga classes. The specific forms vary from style to style but most involve physical poses and breathing exercises done on mats.

We know what you are thinking:

How am I going to fit it into my busy schedule? Fear not! They can be practiced by all ages, with class lengths ranging from 30 minutes up to an hour long. Lately we’ve seen yoga become an essential part of many people’s day-to-day routine. And who are these people? Entrepreneurs! Executives! Mothers of young children! Anyone looking for relief from their daily stressors.

These days, you don’t have to live in India or Asia to reap the benefits of yoga; there are plenty of studios here in Ghent that offers something for everyone. So next time you find yourself too tired or stressed out, stop what you’re doing and take care of yourself first – by starting your day off with a quick session at one of our local yoga studios. We’re confident that after just one session, you’ll feel calmer, more focused, and more centered than ever before. It’s worth giving it a try!

My favorite 5 yoga studios

  1. Soul Power Yoga – If you’re looking for a yoga studio that will help you strengthen your core, comfort your soul, and release tension in both body and mind, this is the place. Located on De Conic Street, with their varied schedule and high quality classes there’s no way you’ll find yourself bored while practicing here.
  2. Savior Studio – From an individual to a group class they have what it takes to help you along your path towards finding peace within yourself and ultimately creating balance within your life. They offer introductory courses so even if you’ve never practiced before, they will make sure that every aspect of yoga practice is introduced at a comfortable pace.
  3. Nirvana Yoga Centre – Whether you are new to the world of yoga or already well versed in it, they offer something for everyone. They teach their students how to bring self-awareness into their lives through gentle meditation practices as well as more challenging physical poses designed to increase flexibility and strength over time.
  4. Vahishta – They are located on an inconspicuous street and there is a reason for that. You see, they try to keep their classes small. And intimate so that students get all of their attention, not just a portion of it. If you want your practice here to be catered specifically to your needs. Then go ahead and book one of their private classes today!
  5. Om Shanti – If you want a studio that goes beyond by combining physical yoga with breath work and meditation. Then you will love Om Shanti. They offer a full range of yoga classes for all levels. So whether you are just starting out or have been practicing for years. You will find something here that suits your individual needs. If there is something more specific that you are looking for like gentle yoga or restorative yoga classes, then be sure to mention it when booking your session! You will find them on Ever Road.


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