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Why Is French Bulldog So Expensive?

Do you want a French bulldog as a pet? Now that you’ve made up your mind to adopt this adorable dog breed into your household, you probably want to know why they are so pricey.

We all know that Frenchies are renowned for having an attractive appearance that instantly wins people over. They make excellent pets for apartment living because of their small size and ease of environmental adaptation. And did you know that, according to the AKC, they are kept in homes across the USA at a high fourth position?

Forbes reports a 245% increase in French bulldog puppy registrations over the previous ten years. In the USA, 10,351 French bulldog puppies were registered in 2005. (up from 4,210 in 2005). I’m confident that these facts will astound you.

French bulldogs are known for their friendliness with children, which may be only one of the factors contributing to their rising popularity. What about the causes of the high cost of Frenchies, though? Breeders of French bulldogs go through a long and difficult process to produce Frenchies that are entirely healthy and will remain with their owners for a very long time.

You can’t expect to pay a little money and obtain a healthy pet. In other words, you will receive the value of your investment. Unhealthy litters were unfortunately the ‘ideal chance’ for many so-called breeders to make money. Be aware that the French bulldog dam is capable of producing 1 to 3 puppies. Neither a mother nor her kids should carry more than three puppies.

Frenchie dams are unable to give birth naturally due to their short, compact bodies and specially positioned hips.

They need specialized prenatal care, a diet high in protein, and numerous tests before giving birth. Frenchie mothers must undergo a C-section, which costs an additional sum (up to $12,000) to the breeder. Yes, you read that correctly.

Due to their huge heads, the puppies can easily become trapped in the delivery canal if the surgery time was not set in advance. This may simply be one of the factors contributing to the high cost of French bulldogs.

The method of mating is another element that affects Frenchie’s cost. Many Frenchies’ small legs and narrow hips prevent them from mating in a conventional manner. For Frenchie males, mounting the female might be challenging due to the female’s strategically placed hips. Because of this, numerous French bulldog dams must undergo artificial insemination. It goes without saying that a breeder will incur more costs as a result.

If you’ve been looking to purchase a French bulldog puppy, you’ve definitely observed that the cost of uncommon Frenchies is greater. It is a result of the dilute gene present in blue, Isabelle, chocolate, and lilac dog breeds.

Breeders looking to create blue French bulldogs must look for parents with a strong pedigree, a healthy past, and a dilute gene. The AKC does not approve of the unusual French bulldog colors, so if you want a “display dog,” you shouldn’t choose a blue or lilac Frenchie.

A breeder’s responsibility is to provide constant care for Frenchie puppies who have previously been born. The breeder must ensure that each puppy receives adequate nutrition and must also care for the Frenchie mother. She had surgery, so she won’t be able to walk or move around normally for at least a week.

Accidents can happen when a Frenchie mother is left alone with her babies, thus the breeder couldn’t do that. She might roll over her kids unintentionally and endanger them.

I trust you now understand why French bulldog costs as much as it does. Breeders of the French bulldog put a lot of time and money into raising healthy puppies. Breeding a French bulldog is a difficult task, thus it must be taken into consideration by very skilled and qualified French bulldog specialists. Your main objective should remain the same whether you wish to get a French bulldog puppy in New York or anyplace else in the world! Choose a puppy that won’t force you to make any significant future medical payments.

At French Bulldog Studz, we support moral breeding practices. We have been breeding those dogs for more than 20 years because we truly love them.

You can rest assured that none of the disorders that affect our Frenchies are inherited. They have all been vaccinated, microchipped, and had a vet check.

Naturally, we can’t guarantee that your dog won’t ever get sick. If you feed and take care of your Frenchie properly, he or she will be in good health. Your dog will be healthier if you give him/her more attention.

Aleksandar Gligori is the breeder of Frenchie World puppies in Serbia. Did you know that the New York Times published an article about his story? So now you are aware.

When purchasing a puppy, our sincere recommendation is to carefully look for a reliable breeder. Frenchie Word is dedicated to sending French bulldog puppies everywhere in the world, regardless of where you are located. A puppy nanny is included in the shipping cost of $700 to ensure that the puppy arrives healthy and secure. This is just one option for getting your furry gremlin because Frenchies cannot fly in cargo.

Please feel free to contact us at Frenchie World if you have any additional queries about the delivery of our puppies. Before the puppy travels to you, we are eager to address all of your concerns. Every French Bulldog puppy you purchase from French Bulldog Studz comes with a lifetime health guarantee and an international health certificate. To know more about french bulldog puppies sale and studs, visit

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