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Why Is Everyone Trying To #FINDHEINZ?

[Doha], [Qatar], 26 November 2022 – Football fans are currently scouring Doha for Heinz – not the ketchup brand, but an ordinary man named Thomas Heinz who is offering those who find him under the hashtag #FindHeinz exclusive merchandise along with a grand prize worth QR 10,000.

Thomas Heinz was approached by Heinz Arabia to attend the biggest event in football on behalf of the brand with this cheeky yet impactful stunt that is taking over the conversation and making noise during a season in which brands are vigorously competing to get noticed.

Rather than spending on traditional advertising, Heinz Arabia turned to the social community and found one of the thousands of people named Heinz who can wear their name inside the stadium, and around the event premises in Doha, Qatar.

From an ordinary life in Hamburg, Germany, Thomas Heinz is now all over the football scene, mingling with fans, taking photos, and putting the Heinz name at the center of the game – ultimately becoming a human billboard for the Heinz Arabia brand.

Thomas Heinz has stated “I never thought my name would go viral. I mean, I’ve been referred to as Heinz Ketchup pretty often as a joke. But this… this is really something else. This is real. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime kind of experience.”

To find out more about his whereabouts, fans can search his hashtag #FindHeinz and follow his account @thomas.heinz22 on Instagram to win with him.

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